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Thursday, March 12, 2009

(FREE BROWSING) Browse the internet for free with this hot, new MTN AND ZAIN FREE BROWSING CODE

Because of the dynamic nature and changing nature of MTN FREE BROWSING CODE I have decide to create this post. It will be update everytime there is a new code. YOU ARE ENCOURAGE TO BOOKMARK THIS POST AND CHECK BACK. if you have a new code feel free to share it, leave a comment. THE MTN CODES ARE

MTN BROWING UPDATED 2: Free Mtn and Zain codes for browsing

Just about 72hrs ago,MTN blocked d freebrowsing on phones, but guess,after research,i came up with a new code that will HELP U to connect browsing FREE. this wil be OK to those using N-series,E-series & 3230 for nokia & any SONYERICSSON FONES with SOLIBAY SOFTWARE. But will encourage your free will donation for this research by sending recharge cards to any of the numbers above. Thanks. Now open your solibay, click menu, selct tool, settings then Network. scroll down to opera-mini server, erase & type inside d box, or ASK FOR ZAIN USE then click save.
Happy surfing

Monday, March 2, 2009

How to open a verified paypal account in Nigeria.

You see, this issue of opening and verifying a paypal account in Nigeria has generated so much controversy in recent times.

Opening and verification of a paypal account here in Nigeria has also been the issue all around and the topic of virtually evey seminar that has to do with internet earnings.

In times past, the opening and verification of a paypal account here in Nigeria was very hard and after series of research, there came the opening of a U.S bank account which allows you verify your paypal with it.But as it is right now, that is history as you can no longer verify your paypal account with a U.S bank account.

I know it may sound so funny to you but that is the truth and the only truth. so forget about all those people,adverts, manuals telling you that you can open and verify your paypal account with a U.S bank account as they are out to give you an outdated and non-working way of opening and verifying a paypal account

What then I'm I driving at, the message I want to get across to you is that for now, it is IMPOSSIBLE to open and verify a paypal account here in Nigeria with a U.S bank account.I might be lying for all you care but you have your money, you have your decisions to make, go on and make the mistake of buying those manuals that promise what is no true.

With the above said, I want to introduce to you the one and only genuine way to open and verify a paypal account here in Nigeria and in any other country not listed on paypal.

P.P.C paypal cash card remains the only solid and working way to open and verify a paypal account because with it, you do not have to pass through the hasseles of I.p swapping, getting a virtual address from graph card as it comes with its own American address.

It also relieves you from stress, as you can withdraw the money in it from your Nigerian bank account.

To get a P.P.C all you need is just your email address and #9,000(because of the rate of dollar to Naira).

To have your own card set up all you need to do is just to call our helpdsk on 08056370712.

Do not say that nobody told you as I have told you. save your money and stress and order for this because, if you finally make that mistake of doing it with U.S bank account you would still come back for this P.P.C and by that time it might have been too late for you.


To order for you own card right away just call 08056370712