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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Dear Esteemed follower of Here is my official New Year Wishes To You alongside my New Year Gift.

The year 2013 was a very good and special one for me, I don’t know about you though, whatever the case I strongly believe that 214 will be a very much better year for you and also for me. Amen.

Have you made your New Year resolutions? Anyway, I personally don’t make new year resolutions because I don’t see any need for that as I try to better my life every day by day but something happened towards the end of last year and I found out while trying to take stock of my achievements and also counting and naming my blessings one by one I realized that they were all tied to GIVING. The more I gave the more I received. So this year I decided to GIVE some more..

I have decided to giveaway most of my valuable materials/reports to you as New Year Gift for just nothing.

The Materials are 8 in number and here they are;

GLO UNLIMITED FREE BROWSING; ( How to configure yours and make money hooking others up to your own)

FACEBOOK CASH COMMANDO; The deep secret of earning guaranteed #10,000 - #20,000 monthly on Autopilot using facebook.

How To Open, Verify And Operate A Full Functional Paypal Account As A Nigerian.
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Watch Live Football Matches And Other Sports On your PC For FREE with No Special Settings, Configuration or Software.

Blogging Upbeat; Beginners Guide To Making money Online From Blogging.

Make Money From Bulksms With No Start Up Capital.

Mini Importation Guide; Discover How To Import Cheap Blackberry, Android Phones, Tablet Pc’s, Laptops, Cars etc From U.S, U.K and China From The Comfort Of Your Home Without Leaving Nigeria.

Plus all round the clock support to get you started……..

All these I have decided to giveaway to you as New Year Gift for Just a ridiculous price of #1,000.

Yes! For just #1,000 you get these materials and if you check the links in the above materials you will find out that most of them sell for more than #1,000 but I decided to give them all way as a New Year gift to you.

To Order For the New Year Gift just pay #1,000 into any of the following Bank accounts

Guaranty Trust Bank
Anayo Emmanuel

Zenith Bank
Anayo Emmanuel

Diamond Bank
Anayo Emmanuel


After payment, Please Text NEW YEAR OFFER, the Name as it is on the depositors slip and your email address to 08056370712

In as much as  this New Year Gift is up for grabs at just #1,000, I don’t intend to make it last long, I will take this Gift off on the 20th of January 2014 so the earlier you get yours the better for you.

P.S: I plan to help you this year and your #1,000 is nothing compared to the information I am releasing to you but should you not be satisfied in anyway then let me know and I will issue you a 100% Refund of your Money.

Anayo Emmanuel


Friday, January 3, 2014

MTN Night Plan With Bonus For 24hours Browsing

MTN Night Data plan, one of the data bundle plan for Nigeria comes handy at this very moment as one of the best option when most of the free/cheap browsing loopholes have been blocked.

MTN nite data plan is a monthly data bundle plan that comes alive from 9PM - 6AM and 24hours on weekends with a data allowance of 3GB plus a bonus 1.5GB totaling 4.5GB for just #2,500.

Though still on the high side but like the saying goes "when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable". MTN Nite plan may not be one of the most pocket friendly data plan around but
compared with what the counterparts have on ground, it is sure a good alternative.


To subscribe you recharge #2,500 on your MTN line then Dial *102# or simply Text 102 to 131

On a successful subscription, MTN gives you 3GB + 1.5GB bonus equal 4.5GB of data allowance which lasts for a month (30 Days).

Now listen up, the 1.5gb bonus given to you works for 24hours, that is, it works 24/7 day and night and happens to be first to be consumed without the 3gb counting or been touched till the 1.5gb is exhausted.

The funny side of it is that MTN be crooks. Once you exhaust the 1.5gb you are on a long thing. Na full nite plan and 24hours on weekends you go switch back to till the month (30 Days) expires or the remaining
original 3gb gets exhausted.
Invariably, if you wan manage the 1.5gb to last you for the month on 24/7 basics it means that you go waste your 3gb without using it.

So whatever the case, enjoy the MTN Nite plan in whatever way you can.

MTN Night plan works on PC, Android devices, Tablet PC, mobile phones, Iphones and any internet enabled device.

To check your MTN Nite Plan data balance Text 2 to 131

To check your Bonus data allowance Dial *559*4#

As you dey use MTN Nite Plan, Take am easy oooo before MTN turn you to Night Witch/wizard or Night Bat (usu)

CHEERS !!!!!

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