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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Android Rooting Meaning and Why You Should Do It

Android Rooting; Meaning and Why You Should Do It

Rooting an android device simply means have unrestricted access to the android system (OS ) of the device.
Android devices come with some restrictions to some vital components of the android OS on the device. Rooting removes those restrictions and grants an android user unrestricted super user privilege to change, modify and access hidden and protected android files on the device.

Benefits of Rooting An Android device

Some android applications cannot work except they are allowed access to the root files of the android OS. Rooting in this case will make way for such device to run any android application without restrictions.

Rooting makes an android device open to modification. When an android device has been rooted, the theme, ROM, fonts and the device in general can be modified in whatever way you deem fit.

When an android device has been rooted the user has access to hidden android OS files. The user can then find and delete useless android files, dump and log files of most applications that consume space on the device.

Rooting basically installs Super User on the android device. The super user in simple terms give you access to do whatever you want with your device, configuring it to do whatever you want it to do for you.

Disadvantages Of Rooting An Android Device

Rooting voids the warranty of the device. When an android device is rooted, the warranty provided by the manufacturer or the vendor that sold the device becomes invalid.

Rooting may brick an android device (get it completely rubbished ) if you do not know how to go about it. It is always advisable to backup your device so you can easily restore it should it be bricked in the process of rooting.

Some dangerous android apps which you grant access may end up bricking your android device.

Rooting basically means that you are now super user in other words an expert who is capable and responsible to manage anything that your device puts up.

Types Of Rooting

Rooting is of two kinds, Temporary and Permanent Rooting.

Temporary Rooting otherwise known as Temp Root is the type of rooting that allows the user to make quick changes to the device or resolve problems that requires rooting.
Temporary root goes off once the device is restarted.

Permanent Rooting also known as Perm Root is the kind of rooting that permanently stays on the device allowing the user to make changes to the android OS on device anytime the user wants to.
Though permanent root can be reversed, it does not go off on a device restart. The user has to go through an Unroot session before the permanent rooting goes off.

Rooting actually puts you in charge of your android device, it is now left for you to decided having seen the benefits of rooting if you can take the risk and root you device. Before you try to root your device, it is advisable to backup your device so you can restore it should any problem arise during the rooting process.

Rooting of your android device like I earlier said means that you are capable to bear responsibility of whatever happens to your device. So should you brick your device in the process I am not liable.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014



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Monday, September 15, 2014

Foxit PDF Reader Better Alternative To Acrobat Reader

Foxit PDF Reader Better Alternative To Acrobat Reader

Acrobat PDF reader was the very first PDF reader application I got introduced to way back then when I tried accessing a PDF document but due to my open minded nature I decided to try out other alternatives and in Foxit PDF reader I found that better alternative.

Here are the reasons why Foxit PDF reader turned out to be a better alternative.

Acrobat consumes a staggering 203mb of disk space as against foxit reader that occupies just 101mb. The difference between them is 102mb. When disk space consumption comes into play foxit reader consumes less than Acrobat PDF reader.

Foxit Reader supports multiple tabs while Acrobat pdf reader does not have this feature.

Foxit PDF reader renders multiple PDF documents on the same window but in different tabs just like it is in Mozilla firefox while acrobat reader renders multiple PDF documents in separate windows.



The multi-tabbed feature of foxit reader for me is one of the best feature that makes it outstanding because most times I like accessing different PDF documents at the same time and with the multiple tab feature of Foxit reader, I always keep tab of other PDF documents I want to access. 

It serves as a reminder for me because when I see a PDF document while accessing another document on another tab I easily remember that I have it on queue to access.

It also comes very handy for me when I want to compare two PDF documents

This singular feature for me is a knock out.

Foxit reader comes with an add-on PDF printer that automatically installs itself on the system while the foxit reader is been installed.

The PDF printer works like the normal printer attached to the PC but unlike the normal printer, the output of Foxit PDF reader is a PDF document. The foxit reader PDF printer provides the easy conversion from any document format to PDF format without any special setting or configuration. Just select the Print command while working with any document format (word, excel, power point, image etc) you want to convert to PDF format, select the foxit reader PDF printer on the printer option and the output you get is simply a PDF document, no stress.

Acrobat reader comes with the conventional RED theme which happens to be the Brand color of Adobe systems Incorporated. Foxit reader on the other hand comes with a five (5) colored them option (Classic, Black, Orange, Purple, Blue) for those that want to change the look and feel of it.

Though I do not always change the theme and look of the Foxit reader, I think leaving an option for users to play around with makes it a better alternative than adobe PDF reader.

Acrobat Reader is a good PDF reader, no doubt, but some times an alternative is always sought for so as to serve as a complement and in Foxit PDF reader I found a better alternative to Acrobat PDF reader.

Do you Want to Try out Foxit Reader the Check it out HERE

Disclaimer; I am not in anyway affiliated to Foxit Reader, my opinions were formed based on my personal experience based on both PDF readers, hence, there is no guarantee that you will like Foxit reader or see it as a better alternative due to individual differences and like I said, I use both and where one falls short the other complements it.

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