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Sunday, January 11, 2015

TroidVPN Premium User Account

Troidvpn and Tunnelguru both comes from the same parent management, hence both makes use of the same username and password. TroidVPN comes loaded with a Free User Id and password which comes with free 100mb daily allowance. If you have ever gone above the data limit and have been wanting to upgrade to enjoy unlimited data access which troidvpn offers then you need a personal user account and password which you can upgrade.

How then do you get a TroidVPN user account? 

Looking closely on the troidvpn website and the application itself, you will notice that it has no option of an account registration. The reason behind it is that troidvpn shares the same account database with Tunnelguru. An account from Tunnelguru works perfectly well on TroidVPN.

If you need a user account which you can upgrade and use to replace the Default Free user Id on the application then you need to sign up for a Tunnelguru user account. Once the account is ready then you can use it both on Tunnelguru on PC and TroidVPN on android device.

A single Tunnelguru account works on both Tunnelguru applications on PC as well as TroidVPN on android device. The good is that both can work simultaneously,that is, a single account can be on used on both PC and android device at the same time. What is further implies is that should you upgrade your tunnelguru account, you can use the same upgraded account on Troidvpn without any restriction(s).

To sign up for a Free Tunnelguru account which also powers your TroidVPN application Click here

After registering on the site, check the email address you provided while creating the account for the password. You can now use it to replace the default Free User ID and password that came with TroidVPN application. In the same vein, whenever you upgrade the tunnelguru account you automatically have an Upgraded Troidvpn account which now allows you to enjoy the Premium services of Troidvpn.

  How To Get A TroidVPN Premium Account

To Upgrade you Tunnelguru/TroidVPN account to Premium Click Here.. I believe the whole thing has been cleared now. TroidVPN Premium account is the same as Tunnelguru Premium account as both of them are managed by one company.


Friday, January 9, 2015

GTBANK One Click Airtime Recharge Top up (Instant Airtime Recharge)

GTBANK has raised the bar higher once again with the introduction of Gtbank one click airtime top-up. 1-click airtime top up is a very much easier way to recharge/top up airtime on your mobile phone whenever you need to do so, from the available balance in your GTBANK account.

The service is an alternative means to recharge/top-up airtime from the balance left in your GTBANK account any day and anytime so long as you have up to that amount in your bank account.

GTBANK 1 click airtime top-up requires no special registration or configuration but by default set to work exclusively on the phone number attached to a Gtbank account. The service comes pre-configured to any mobile phone number provided when a Gtbank account is opened.

Features Of Gtbank One Click Airtime Top up

The mobile number to be recharged MUST be the number that is registered with the bank

The service is available to Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat subscribers

The money is deducted directly from your GTBank account

Daily top-up limit is N5,000

It attracts no extra fee. 

Benefits Of Using Gtbank One Click Airtime Top up

Access to airtime anytime of the day, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Easy, simple and convenient way of airtime recharge

Transaction process is almost instant

Airtime is loaded instantly to customers mobile phone

Networks Supported

At the time of writing this post the service can only work on MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat networks. Maybe in future time other networks would be added.

Top Up Limit

The minimum (least) you can can recharge with this service is #100 while the maximum (highest) you can do in a single day is #5,000.


One of the disadvantages of this service is that it is not password/PIN protected. Should you or someone else mistakenly dial the one click airtime top-up code or should you misplace your phone and someone dials the code, you line would be automatically credited without any password prompt or PIN request.

Also, the service goes without giving option for customers to opt in. So long as you have an account with GTBANK you are automatically enrolled into it without you knowing that it exists.

You cannot use it to recharge/top-up airtime on another line except the number you provided during the account opening process. In this case, you may top-up/ recharge the line attached to the account and use any of the networks airtime transfer method to transfer the airtime to your other line or a friend/colleague's line.

To make use of Gtbank 1 click airtime top-up is simple. Just Dial *737*Amount# irrespective of the network. For example, if you want to recharge #500 through the GTBANK one click airtime top-up service, just Dial *737*500# The code is the same for all the supported networks (MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat).

If the number the request is sent from is attached to a GTBANK account, you will get a notification immediately “Your 1-click airtime request is processing please wait Gtbank will reply via SMS shortly” On a successful transaction, the airtime amount you requested for would be credited to your phone line and the same amount would be debited from you GTBANK account. It attracts no extra fee. 

If you operate a Gtbank account and run short of airtime, bear in mind that you can now get instant top up through Gtbank 1-click airtime top-up.