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Friday, July 24, 2015

Android Simpleserver Browsing With MTN Blackberry Plan Autoproxy or Proxydroid


Android phone users have reasons to smile as MTN blackberry Lite plan which works with simpleserver on PC can now be tweaked to work with simpleserver android application and autoproxy or proxydroid.
Simpleserver have worked perfectly well on PC with MTN blackberry lite plan, following the same approach is the simple server android application which together with autoproxy or proxydroid can be used to achieve the aim of browsing on android device with MTN blackberry lite plan.

With further ado, let’s get down to business;

Subscribe for any MTN Blackberry lite plan using the codes below;

Bblited to 21600 or dial *216*7# Daily plan costs #70

Bblitew to 21600 or dial *216*8# weekly plan costs #500

Bblitem to 21600 or dial *216*9# monthly plan costs #1,000

Go through your android phone settings to mobile networks, access point names
and create a new APN
Name: Could be anything which you can use to recognize the new APN
Type: Default
Port: 8080

After that save the APN settings.

Download Simple server android application Here

Install the simpleserver on your android device. Launch it and configure it as follows.

Once you open the android simpleserver application you will be greeted with the settings interface
On the PROXY SETTINGS section, tick the box where you have ENABLE PROXY
On the Proxy Host enter
On Proxy Port enter 8080
Go to the INJECTION SETTINGS section, tick the  ENABLE INJECTION BOX and enter the following;
Injection Method: Select Get
Injection Query/URL:
Injection Host:
Injection Line: press the enter key on your screen keypad four (4) times. 

When you are done with the settings just move to the top side of the simpleserver application and click on START SERVER

Once it connects you are good to go using MTN blackberry plan on your android device with simpleserver, but at this very point, the simpleserver cannot power most of the android applications on your device that requires internet connection. To power all android applications you need to tunnel the simple server to any of these android applications, autoproxy or proxydroid. 
To make use of any of them, that is, proxydroid or autoproxy, use must have a rooted android device. 

Now download and install either Autoproxy or Proxydroid.

For Autoproxy

Download Autoproxy Here 
On the main interface of the autoproxy look for and click on the + (plus) sign on the far right hand side.


Click on Proxy Host and enter
Click on Proxy Port and enter 8080
Click on Proxy Type and select HTTP

Going back to the main interface you will see the new proxy option created. When you connect/Start the simple server and it connects successfully, go back to the autoproxy and click on the proxy option you created, when a prompt comes up click on connect. When it connects the image turns Green.


For Proxydroid

Download Proxydroid Here
On the Proxydroid interface, set it as follows
Port: 8080

Proxy Type: HTTP

 With the above done you are through configuring the proxydroid, however, you may if you want to, set the profiles to whatever name you want. To do that, tap/click the pencil icon on the topmost area of the proxy droid interface and enter whatever you want on the space provided.

When you have connected the android simpleserver and you are sure that it has truly connected, go to the proxydroid and tap/click the button close to Enable/Disable Proxy to switch it on. (The area where the Red arrow is pointing).

Now relax and enjoy your MTN blackberry lite plan on your android device with simple android server and proxydroid.

Make sure the simpleserver is connected before you launch and connect either autoproxy or proxydroid depending on the one you choose. Relax and then enjoy the MTN blackberry plan on your android device with simpleserver and autoproxy or proxydroid.

If you find it hard to get the simpleserver working on your android device or you can’t cope with rooting your android device so as to make use of autoproxy or proxydroid then you can as well settle for Troidvpn which also works with MTN blackberry lite plan.

Are you still reading? Get down to business and join the train of smart android users that beat down internet costs by browsing with MTN blackberry lite plan together with simpleserver and autoproxy or proxydroid or those using Troidvpn.

Kindly use the comment box below to post issues, questions, suggestions or problems encountered.



Wednesday, July 8, 2015


MTN has decided to make their ipulse prepaid plan juicer with the addition of Happy Hour Data On free browsing. MTN ipulse Happy Hour Data On browsing is an add-on to the already existing ipulse prepaid plan which tends towards rewarding customers that use #200 and above during the daytime. Between the hours of 1:00am to 5:00am, MTN customers on MTN ipulse prepaid plan that spend #200 and above within 12:00am to 11:59pm on chargeable activities (voice calls, SMS and Data) have the opportunity of enjoying the Happy Hour Data On Free Night Browsing.

MTN Happy Hour Data On comes as an additional bonus to ipulse prepaid customers and requires no special action from them, their spending on different chargeable activities (voice calls, SMS and Data) are monitored during the periods of 12:00am to 11:59pm with notifications at any given time with amount spent and what is remaining to qualify for the Happy Hour Data On Free Night Browsing. “Y’ello, you have used N120.95 today. Use extra N80 to enjoy Happy Hour Data On”

On the usage of #200 the ipulse prepaid customer automatically qualifies for the Happy Hour Data as a notification in this form “Y’ello, you are now eligible to enjoy free Happy Hour Data between 01:00am and 05:00am within the next happy hour period” appears to show ones eligibility to enjoy the bonus.

The Happy Hour Data  bonus for MTN ipulse prepaid users comes with a data allowance of 500MB and does not roll over in anyway. Any data leftover the customer has till 5:00am expires and can never be used again though the customer can always get 500mb any day he/she spends #200 and above.

Ipulse customers using the 500MB data allowance on Happy Hour Data should be mindful of data usage because once the data allowance of 500Mb is exceeded the customer will be charged at the available data rate which is deducted from available airtime or available data bundle. Customers are advised to monitor data usage notifications “you have used 40%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100% of the 500MB bundle. Y’ello, you have 200MB remaining of your Happy Hour Data. You will be charged at a bundle rate when your inclusive bundle is exhausted” which are sent at various intervals to avoid such.

To enjoy this all a prepiad customer needs to do is, migrate to the MTN Ipulse prepaid plan and use a minimum of #200 between 12:00am to 11:59pm.

To migrate to MTN ipulse prepaid plan Dial *406#