Below are simple and easy ways to set up your india web proxy version 3.2 and experience free browsing on your laptops and pc(s).

Download the India web proxy v3.2 via the link below

After downloading it extract it to a folder in your system (desktop preferably)

Then open the folder and look for India web proxy 3.2.jar.

Before you begin to use it, you need to open a free account at for a username and password that you will use to configure the IWP V3.2

Open it and configure it as it is configured in the diagram below.


Web port:8080

Username: your username

Password: your password

Proxy url: (if it has been blocked go to and click on server list for a new server.

Proxy Host :

Port: 8080

Username: web

Password: web

Then click on start proxy

After configuring it, you need to enter your own account, which you can create for free at the free account is for the testing of the software and disconnects every 4(four) mins, However, with a paid account you can surf the internet uninterrupted with bandwidth options of 8gb/month which disconnects every one hour and 18gb/month which does not in any way disconnect.

To configure your browser and other applications use the proxy:

Http proxy:

Port: 6051

Then ticks use this proxy for all protocols.

After inputting all the settings, what you need to do is to install the certificate into your browser.

Visit the link below And Learn How to install your certificate.

And you are good to go.

To get a paid account, call 08056370712

For more information on how to set it up or should you encounter any problems with your IWP, feel free to call me on 08056370712


However you can download the PDF version of the settings or this
tutorial with the link below

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