India web proxy latest update version 3.2.1, free download and unlimited data plan.

India web proxy (IWP) has for quite a time now taken over the free
browsing zone here in Nigeria.
It has been on way from mid 2010 and still representing with huge
modifications and updates to make your free browsing experience fun

India web proxy (IWP) has moved up one notch with its recent update to
Iwp v 3.2.1 which now fully supports your forex trading platform
(forex meta trader), GTALK (Google/ gmail messenger just like yahoo
messenger) and your other softwares and applications that didn't work
with the previous versions of India web proxy (IWP).

Also, the new india web proxy version 3.2.1 allows you have a private
account where you and only you can enjoy your account, even if someone
directly or indirectly takes or steals your username and password.

Moreover, you get browsing and downloading speed so awesome that words
cannot describe.

You can also get the unlimited data plan account with a one time fee
and share or sell the same account with your friends or clients
because the data plan is unlimited and does not finish or has monthly

Before you can enjoy the above benefits from india web proxy and
others too numerous to be mentioned, you need to have the latest
version of your India web proxy V 3.2.1 which you can download for
free at


Then an unlimited data plan from India web proxy which I can help you
get for just #2,500.

Then you are cool to enjoy your india web proxy without restrictions.

Mind you with the unlimited data plan from india web proxy, you can
download file of any size with just a one time fee that lasts forever.

To get your unlimited data plan from india web proxy for a one time
fee of #2,500

Simply go to any branch of the bank below and pay in the money.

BANK NAME: Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria

ACCOUNT NAME: Anayo Emmanuel

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5225802261590

After paying in the money, Text your name, E-mail address, And the
teller no to 08056370712.

For more info, call 08056370712.

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