How To Backup Your Firefox Browser


Backing up browsers data isvery important for your computer.
It's a very time consuming task and very worrisome when you loose your
browser data like browser settings, bookmarks,toolbar, add-ones and
cookies etc

Firefox as your default will be saving a lot of settings
from daily usage like addons, toolbar, bookmarks, saved forms etc.

Suppose your PC crashes and you happen to fix it backand reinstall
your browser, it would be a time consuming task to bring back all the
settings which you have used before.

Mozilla Firefox Backup is a simple life saving utility for creating
backups of your Mozilla Firefox browser It allows you to backup and
restore bookmarks, mail, passwords, contacts, history, extensions,
cache etc…

Firefox backup not only supports Mozilla Firefox, it can be added to Mozilla
Thunderbird, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spice
bird, Songbird, comet and Netscape profiles.

To backup Firefox Browser follow the steps below:-

*. Start your MozBackup and click Next

*. Select Backup a profile and highlight Mozilla Thunderbird and Click Next.

*. Highlight your profile (normally is default )

*. Select the location where your backup files should store (by
default it will save in My Document) and Click Next

*. It will prompt you if you want to password protect your backup
file. Click yes if you want.

*. Then select the thing that you want to backup (ex: Email, address
books, extensions, saved password, etc …) and click Next

*. Click Next and it will start to backup your Firefox Browser

*. Once finish, click on Finish and you are done!

Note: This mozbackup software is 100% free and you can download it
with this link

If you follow the step by step process, you can easily backup and
restore your firefox profiles.

Download mozBackUp.firefox

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