Google the foremost online advertisement company known in time past for their search engine services is now off the hook with services that span not just the search engine and advertisement but other services that make your stay online a fun filled experience.

Google has ventured into many services these days with the launch of so many products and services which include their URL SHORTNER SERVICE.

Google URL shortner service at is a service that allows you to shorten your long URL ( web addresses) to a short and easy to remember characters making it easier for you to share, tweet or email it to your friends.

With Google Url Shortner at you can now clone/ squeeze long web address, long affiliate/referral links into short characters which you can easily micro-blog in the case of sites that don't allow for long messages. You can also use it to hide/clone your referral links that way people seeing it won't know it is all about and also it makes your referrals register under you as the won't get the foresight of the site they are visiting until they land on the site.

To use Google Url Shortner, simply visit
Then copy you long URL/ web address and paste it in the space where you see PASTE YOUR LONG URL HERE.
After that click on Shorten.
You then get something like

Google Url Shortner gives you the overall chance to track your analytic history, that is, the performance of the long url you shortened, with regards to how many times the links in your Google Url Shortner history were clicked for the past 2 hours, day, week, month and at all time. With that you can know your performing and non performing links/url.

But before you can track the performance of your URLs/ links, you must SIGN IN to your Google Account first when adding and shortening the long URLs . That way they are added to your history and makes it easier for you to view the general performance of each of your links. It also gives you insight into where your traffic comes from, the website that referred them, the visitors profile(country, browser, platform/operating system). All you need to get all these is just to click on DETAILS at the end of each added URL address.

So get on the groove and start building your Google Url Shortner history with


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