How To Retrieve A Forgotten Share 'N' Sell Pin.

If for any reason, you have forgotten your MTN share n sell pin or you
simply just want to change your old pin to a new one. Relax, as I am
about to show you how to go about it.

MTN share n sell, if you don't already know, is a service from MTN
that let's you share your credit with another MTN subscriber.

More info about MTN SHARE N SELL, how to activate and use it can be
found at

Alright, back to issue at hand "how to retrieve your MTN share n sell pin"

To retrieve an MTN SHARE N SELL PIN, all you need to do is, CALL, MTN

That is, Dial 180 from your MTN LINE or from another MTN LINE for
free. You may also use any other mobile network line. But in that case
you need to Dial 0803180 and you are charged according to that
particular network's tariff.

Once you are on to MTN customer care unit. Tell the customer care
staff that you need a retrieval of your share N sell Pin.

The MTN customer care unit staff will put some questions about your
MTN line across to you. That is simply to know if you are truly the
original owner of the line you want to retrieve it's share N sell Pin.

After you must have correctly answered the questions. You will be
issued a New Share N Sell Pin through a Text Message.

Mind you, the Share N Sell Pin that would be given to you at that
point would be a new Pin, totally different from your old and
forgotten pin.

However, you can change the New Share N sell Pin you receive to an
easy-to- remember PIN with this format;

Dial *601*0000*New Pin*New Pin#


TEXT 0000 New pin New Pin to 777

where 0000 is the share N sell Pin MTN sent to you and the "new pin"
is the one you now want to be using.

You can also use any of the above methods to change your Share N Sell
Pin whenever you feel like, with the "0000" above replaced by your old pin.

If you are yet to know what MTN SHARE N SELL IS, how to activate and
make use of it visit


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