GLO Easyshare (ME2U) is an innovative, user friendly service from GLO
MOBILE that allows a GLO mobile subscriber/user to share the
airtime/credit in his or her phone with another GLO mobile

To activate easy share/me2u on your GLO line. You have to first of all
send , ACT to 131.
On the successful delivery of the message, you will receive a reply
message that your ME2U feature will be activated within 24hours.
On the sucessful activation of your GLO line for the easyshare (ME2U).
You will be issued a Default ME2U PIN which is usually 0000.
The Default PIN sent to you cannot be used for the easyshare. You will
have to change the Default PIN to any four digit PIN of your choice.
To change your Default PIN to a NEW PIN of your choice. Use this
format, *132*default Pin*New PIN*New PIN#.
For example, let's assume your desired and Favourite PIN is 1234 and
the Default PIN from GLO is 0000.
It then has to be something like this; *132*0000*1234*1234#
Mind you, you can always use the format above to change your ME2U PIN
anyday anytime.
In that case, the space for DEFAULT PIN should be the place where you
put the Old Me2u PIN you want to change.
For example, your old Me2u PIN is 1234 and you want to change it to a
New PIN, 2349.
It should then be *132*1234*2349*2349#
Once you have succesfully changed your Default PIN to a PIN of your
choice. You are now good to go enjoying your GLO ME2U.
To transfer credit (airtime) to any GLO number, just Dial *131*Glo
number you are sending the credit to*Amount*PIN#
That is *131*8056370712*50*2349#
However, you may test the GLO ME2U with my number... 08056370712 LOL....
In using GLO Easy share(ME2U), you are allowed to transfer a minimum
amount of #50.
You are also allowed to transfer credit or use GLO ME2U for just 5
times in a single day.
Now you know about GLO ME2U, what are you waiting for.. start sharing
your airtime with your GLO friends, family members, colleagues and
even ME.

Afterall, there is LOVE in sharing.



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