ETISALAT Airtime/Credit Transfer.

Etisalat airtime/credit transfer based on the ideology of "there's
love in sharing" let's you share the credit/airtime in your phone with
your family members, colleagues, associates, friends, even enemies on
Etisalat network.
To get using Etisalat airtime/credit transfer, these are the things
you need to know;
You need a personal transfer PIN (a sought of password)
The PIN by DEFAULT is 0000.
You need to have at least #10(Naira) remaining on your airtime after
every airtime/credit transfer you do. It simply means that every time
you transfer airtime to any Etisalat user, you must have at least #10
remaining of your balance . Example, if you have #100 airtime on your
phone, you can transfer up to #90.
With the above issues about Etisalat airtime transfer well noted, you
are now ready and good to go in using Etisalat airtime transfer.
To Transfer airtime Just DIAL *223*PIN*Amount*Etisalat Number#
Then press SEND.
Example, *223*0000*90*08183842270#
You can use the ETISALAT AIRTIME TRANSFER from your phone MENU.
Locate an ETISALAT ICON on your phone MENU, Select it, Go to my
Account, Select Balance Transfer. You will then be prompted to enter
your security code (PIN), The amount, the Recipient's Etisalat number.
Then OK.
Like I earlier told you before, your Etisalat airtime transfer PIN by
DEFAULT is 0000. To change it, just Dial *247*Old PIN*New PIN# Then
Dial 247, then follow the voice prompt.
Mind you, the 0000 here is your Old PIN. So anytime you want to
change your PIN replace the 0000 with the last PIN you used.
However, if at any point in time you cannot remember your Etisalat
airtime transfer PIN. Call Etisalat customer care line on 200 from
your Etisalat line or from any other Etisalat line or call 0809000200
from any other mobile line network.
Now you've known about Etisalat airtime/credit transfer, why not try
it out with my Etisalat Number….LOL… *223*0000*90*08183842270#

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