Etisalat Dot Me

Etisalat DotMe is a SMS based bulletin board service from Etisalat that gives you the flexibility of instantly publishing information to other mobile phone subscribers through SMS.

Riding on the crest of "Information is just a DOT away" Etisalat dot me lets you share and receive information and updates while on the go.

Etisalat DotMe is a communication tool that helps you stay connected with all your contacts.
It also serves as a mobile marketing tool that keep businesses connected to every customer that has a mobile phone.

The bottomline of Etisalat DotMe is just bringing the power of social media networking to the SMS level where there is no internet connectivity, smart phone or hi-tech device barrier. With just any kind of mobile phone, you are ON, Dotting with Etisalat DOT ME.

How it works

Etisalat DotMe works like the ordinary social media networking sites where you post and update your status.

Etisalat DotMe is so simple to use. It works like your ordinary Text Message.

To start dotting all you need to do is Text dot(. that is full stop) followed by your Status update (usually 140 characters) to 8900

For example;
.I'm out of town this weeekend
Then send to 8900

.join our community and win fabolous gifts at
Then send to 8900

Infact whatever message that you want to share with your mobile contact. Be it business promo, birthday, anniversary so long as it falls within 140 characters.

Your message (published Dot Me) is valid for 30days unless you cancel it.
To cancel your posted DotMe update, send full stop symbol (.) to 8900

You can update your status as many times as you want each day.
Anyone who has the mobile number you sent the update with can dot you to get your latest posted status.

To follow/retrieve/view the latest status update from a dotter, simply send a Text with Dot symbol (.) to his/her mobile phone number. You will receive a response of what latest update the dotter has posted.


DOTTING: Each posting of a Dot Message costs #1.

FOLLOWING: To view, retrieve or follow a Dot Message you are charged #1 for Etisalat subscribers. For other networks, regular SMS rates apply.

For more information, visit or Text HELP to 8900

Terms and conditions apply.



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