Glo Welcome Back (Sim Swap)

OH! you lost, damaged or had your GLO sim stolen? It's a pity.

CHEER UP!! Glo welcome back/sim swap is here for you to help you
retrieve your GLO mobile number.

GLO welcome back/sim swap brings you back to the GLO mobile network
whilst maintaining your lost, stolen or damaged GLO number. You also
get back your saved contacts, but that is possible only if you had a
BACK UP of those contacts on Glo system before the damage, lose or

To perform a GLO welcome back/sim swap, you need the following requirements;

- The GLO sim pack of your lost, damaged or stolen line OR a list of
five (5) numbers you regularly call.

- A valid form of identification. (Drivers license, International
passport, National I.D, Student's I.D)

- #100 (#1,000 optional). The official GLO price for welcome Back/ sim
swap is #100 which is the money for the new GLO sim that would be
given to you. However, some GLO mobile offices where the welcome back
is done would insist that you buy a recharge card worth between the
range of #500 - #1,000.

With the above requirements ready, just visit any GLO mobile office
nearest to you and have them do the welcome back/sim swap for you.

WAOH!! you are now back to Glo mobile network.

For more information, CALL GLO customer helpline on 121 from any GLO line.

RULE YOUR WORLD................ GLO.

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