How To Download TORRENT with India Web Proxy

India Web Proxy has got the ability to download torrent files with the
help of a new port, port 6053.

Ordinarily, india web proxy works perfectly well with internet
download manager and other download managers with the regular port
6050, 6051 and 6052 but not the case with torrents.

Port 6053 from india web proxy gives you the ability to power and
enjoy your torrent application.
I hope you are not in anyway confused about this port 6053 stuff. Just
like you set your browsers, download managers and so on with the proxy
Http proxy:
Port: 6050,6051 or 6052 you then replace the port with 6053 in your
torrent application through the proxy settings.

Port 6053 from india web proxy is only available to users on the
UNLIMITED data plan of any version from version 3 to the very present

So if you need to download files through torrent with your India web
proxy, you need to upgrade your account to UNLIMITED so as to have
access to port 6053.


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