Tips On Keeping Your ATM Card And PIN Safe

These days with stories of ATM card users being victims of attacks, it
is of paramount importance for any ATM card user to secure his/her ATM
as well as PIN as failure to do that give attackers, scammers and
hackers the expressway to illegally tamper the money attached with the
said ATM card.

Before we go any further, it is of importance to know that you PIN
(your four digit number) is PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, hence, it
is for you and you alone. It is your personal property and your master
key so giving it to any one is at your own RISK.

ATM cards come with a PIN attached to it which is known as the DEFAULT
PIN. You are strongly advised to change your DEFAULT PIN to any
Four-digit number of your choice which you can easily remember after
which you totally destroy the PIN mailer, that is, the document that
comes with your ATM card that contains your DEFAULT PIN.

At the collection point of your ATM card, ensure that the PIN mailer
is intact, that is, it is sealed. Any compromise whatsoever on the
packaging should be reported and cease to collect such.

Never disclose your PIN to anyone, it is like giving someone a key to
your secret room where you have only money packed in it. Your PIN is
your personal property as such guard it with all jealousy. Please
never disclose it to anyone.

If you do online transaction with your ATM card, bear in mind that for
whatever transaction you do, online or offline, no one will ask you
for your ATM PIN. Run away from anyone (individual or company) that
asks you for such. Do not be moved by GREED, run away from such
businesses and offers they are all SCAMS. Your bank will NEVER on any
occasion ask you for your PIN so don't be moved even if the message
comes from your bank.

Never write you PIN on your card or on anything else. Try as much as
possible to memorize it.

Never quote your PIN on the internet, over the telephone, via post or
Text no matter who ask you for such.

In choosing a PIN for you ATM card never use your Birthday as someone
close to you or knows you that much can easily guess it correctly.

Try and twist up some hard to guess PIN which only you can remember
and number combination that will be a bit hard for a third party to
easily guess. A combination of ALL EVEN NUMBER should be avoided as it
can be easily tracked.

Enough said, a word they say is enough for the wise. I think no one
should in the first place tell you how serious you should GUARD you
ATM card and PIN. However, when your money goes you will know. Mind
you, your bank will do little or nothing to help you recover your
money if lost through ATM fraud. Try and read the TERMS and CONDITIONS
of ATM usage issued by your bank that you agreed upon and you will
find out that the Bank is not in any way accountable to any money lost
through ATM fraud.

Be Wise……



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