Glo Gbam!! Trick To Getting Unlimited Free Glo Megabyte

Glo subscribers at the moment have every reason to smile as providence has put a hole on Glo Gbam package which now comes with a data multiplier effect,that is the effect of acquring as many Megabyte as you can for FREE.

When free browsing tweak and cheats comes into the picture, that of Glo is usually hard to come by. Whatever the case, it has finally come lets enjoy. You ready, let’s ride.

The cheat we are about to get into works on one of the Glo prepaid packages, Glo Gbam. Oh Yes, an error has occurred and we have to exploit it to the maximum benefit as that is the way we hit back at the various mobile network operators.

Glo G-Bam Hi 5ive is a prepaid package from Globacom Nigeria which gives a subscriber the benefit to call five special numbers at only five kobo per second and enjoy 5MB free browsing every day on the payment of #5 daily access charge.  However, that is not what we are after but how to exploit their 5MB loophole and enjoy unrestricted free browsing through what is code named Glo Gbam Multiplier.

Migration to Glo Gbam Hi 5ive is achieved through dialing this code *100*5*1#

The above code (*100*5*1#) for the migration to Glo gbam has the multiplier effect of giving you as many bytes (megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes) as you can reach out for as the more you dial the above Glo Gbam migration code the more bytes you get.

     If you are on any Glo prepaid package, migration from that package to Glo Gbam costs #5 while the subsequent dial of the code won’t deduct any other money from your airtime though you will always get this message  “you are already on the selected profile”, ignore it and keep dialing it. The more you dial, the higher your Mb.

After migrating to Glo Gbam and the first #5 is deducted from your airtime, It is advisable not to have any airtime on that sim as a daily access fee of #5 is applicable on Glo Gbam, hence, you will be charged #5 automatically daily but when there is no airtime on the SIM nothing would be Charged.

Your acquired Mb lasts for 24hrs and will always expire at exactly the last time you were credited. To ensure that your free bonus does not expire, ensure that you keep dialing the code everyday because, as soon as you receive new free MB, your validity will be extended. Invariably, you may subscribe for any Glo data bundle either weekly or monthly so that you can have your Gbam acquired data added to it and give it a longer lasting duration with the option on data roll over, however, if you don’t want it that way then get ready to be acquiring the daily Gbam Mb after yours has expired.

Mind you, this is a loophole on Globacom system and may be rectified and time soon but for the meantime enjoy while it lasts. 

If at any moment you want to check how many MB you have left, that is your data bundle balance, dial *127*0#

If you find anything confusing or have any question, use the comment box to relate to us and we shall get back to you immediately.


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