Download The New and Latest Official 2go Android Application

Android users can now  smile and be happy as they enjoy the new 2go android experience which has been officially released on .Of course with years of experience on mobile chat application 2go delivered an excellent application for android.

The new and latest 2go for android recently released on Google playstore takes mobile messaging to a whole new level with a sleek, smooth and perfect new 2go App that suites all Android Smartphones with better user interface that allows a user to easily switch either between the Portrait or landscape mode and  the flexibility to;

- Create your his/her profile and upload profile pictures
- Share files and photos
- Share contacts
- Chat to friends on Facebook, Google Chat and MXit.

- It also comes with Instant Chat Alert Notification feature which alerts you when any of your friends sends you a message.

The new and latest official 2go for android can be better experienced than being told about it as I lack the appropriate description for it.

To DOWNLOAD and enjoy this New, Latest and Official 2go for Android application you need to go about it in two ways; 
visit with your android device browser

However, whichever way you want to go about it to download and enjoy the official 2go Android App, you need to bear in mind that it can only be installed perfectly on Android Smartphones starting with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) version, which means that if you any version of Android that is lower than 2.2 then it's a pity you can't install this new 2go app unless you upgrade to Android 2.2 or higher.

Below is a Sneak preview of The New Official 2go Android Application

You need to have a first hand user experience of this new 2go android application as there are lots of other interesting stuffs that you will discover when you start using it. Personally,I enjoy this application maybe you too will enjoy it.

Once again to have a feel of this 2go android application, Download it to your Android device by  Clicking Here or Just Open Google Playstore / Android Market on your phone and search for 2go or visit with your android device browser. You have nothing to worry about. its 100% FREE !!!
Now that you have successfully Downloaded and  installed 2go mobile messenger for android, Install and Enjoy.

Catch me if you can on 2go with the username xzynwa. Until then keep 2goin….

How has your experience been so far using the new 2go android application or what is your general view about this App ? Do you have any problem installing it ? Just drop your comments, suggestions, contributions or experience here by using the comment box provided below.

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