MTN ZONE Make Cheap Calls On MTN Network

MTN ZONE, what the heck about
MTN Zone is a prepaid pay-as-you-go plan from MTN Nigeria that gives
the MTN subscriber the flexibility to choose and monitor the amount to
pay for calls even before they dial a number. With this package, the
MTN subscriber may choose to make calls as low as 2kobo/sec.

On MTN Zone there are enjoyable amazing discounts up to 99%, no hidden
charges attached, no daily access charge, no service rental and the
most interesting part of it is that from the phone you get to find out
exactly what you will be charged before you make a call.

For any MTN subscriber to enjoy MTN Zone the first thing that need to
be done is to turn on the Cell Broadcast feature on his/her phone,
then migrate to MTN Zone by dialling *135*1#

To turn on Cell Broadcast feature on a mobile phone

Go to the phone MENU

Select "Settings"

Select "Display Settings"

Select "Cell info Display"

Select "On"

if the cell broadcast feature of your phone cannot be turned on this
way, then consult your phone's user manual.

Once the Cell Broadcast Feature of the phone has been turned on,
Dial*133*1# to migrate to MTN Zone.
You will receive an instant message to confirm your migration.

Now your Cell phone will always be Broadcasting from time to time
different call rates. It is now left for you to decide, if the call
rate broadcasted on your phone screen at the moment is cheap and
pocket friendly enough for you at that moment go ahead and make the
call, if not wait for a cheaper and better discount deal.

However, at-times in some zones the mobile phone will not broadcast the
discount call rate, in this situation once you dial a number you will
see a message immediately displayed on the phone screen.
" You will be charged at xxkobo/sec "
As usual go ahead with the call if the discount is good, if not try at
a later time for maybe a better deal.

Now that you know, it is left for you to migrate to MTN Zone and
enjoy discount and cheap call rates.

For more info call MTN customer care line on 180.

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