How To Cancel Etisalat BIS Auto Renew

Etisalat BIS (Blackberry Internet service) runs on auto renewal which makes it renew itself automatically once it expires so long as the subscriber has enough airtime on the line at the time of expiration.

For most etisalat BIS subscribers, the auto renewal feature can be quite annoying as it automatically subscribes you to a BIS plan which you may not need at that particular time and worst still does that with your airtime which you may have reserved for some more important things.

Whatever the case, you need to relax as I am about to show you how to cancel your Etisalat BIS from auto renewal.

To cancel your Etisalat BIS from auto renewal simply Dial *399*2#

Before you dial the above code it might interest you to know that
dialing the above code when you have an ongoing BIS plan will completely deactivate BIS plan on the said etisalat line. So it is advisable to make sure that your BIS plan has expired or you have exhausted the data allowance on the said Etisalat line before you cancel the auto renew feature.

To check for your current BIS status Dial *228#

To Cancel Auto Renew feature of a BIS plan on Etisalat Dial *399*2#

For how to cancel auto renew on normal etisalat data plan CLICK HERE.


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