Check Airtel BIS Data Bundle Balance (New Method)

Airtel is about the only network that it's BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) is at the moment working on Android phones, PC, Ipads and other non-BB devices though at one point they threatened to stop
it, maybe the reaction of Non-BB users of the Airtel BIS through social media sites, forums etc made them retrace their steps or maybe for whatever reasons best known to them.

Basically, it makes business sense for Airtel to leave their BIS package to non-BB users as that singular move has seen them topple Globacom as the second mobile carrier in Nigeria with a subscriber base of
 26,194,336 against Glo's 24,490,650 with MTN leading the pack with an amazing 57,183,745 and Etisalat at 18,119,397.

Mose users of Airtel these days only use it because it affords them the chance of using their BIS package on Android phones, PC, and non-BB devices. Airtel BIS 2GB package for #1,500 is a good bargain compared to the regular data bundle plan from other mobile networks including Airtel.

Airtel may be restructuring the BIS package as their has been slight modification in the way a subscriber checks his data usage/allowance and expiration date.

Before now *141*11*0# can convinently check your data bundle balance irrespective of what data plan you are subscribed to. However, Airtel has launched a new code to check Airtel BIS data bundle balance which
is simply *123*9#

Next time you subscribe for Airtel BIS don't use *141*11*0# because if you do, you will receive a notification that you have no active data plan, rather use the new code *123*9# and you will see you Airtel BIS data bundle balance.

The new code once again is *123*9#


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