MTN BIS With Your Freedom On PC and Android

MTN BIS With Your Freedom On PC and Android For Unlimited Browsing and Endless Streaming

The recent data plan rolled out by various Nigerian mobile network operators show that they can do something to stabilize the high cost of internet browsing in the country, yet they choose to keep playing games with internet users through their ridiculous and pathetic data subscription plan which makes you "the more you look the less you see"

Till they resolve to provide pocket friendly internet data plans, we shall continue to look for ways to beat their high internet browsing costs. One of such ways of beating down internet browsing cost at this very moment is browsing with MTN Blackberry Internet plan (BIS) on PC and Android devices. 

Browsing with the regular MTN data bundle plan, you will have to pay through your nose yet offered meager data allowance that keeps you mindful of things you do to conserve the alloted data. The case is totally different with MTN blackberry subscription where you get unrestricted data allowance at a very cheap price. Imagine getting 3GB for #100 daily, #500 weekly and #1,000 monthly while using MTN blackberry plan while getting 200MB for #1,000 on regular data plan and the most ridiculous of them all is getting 4.5G for #2,500 (1.5GB for daytime browsing and 3GB for nighttime browsing). Funny enough, they call it MTN "special" smartphone, Special indeed, is this not Deceit?

Anyway, let's leave the network operators to their game of deceit while we concern ourselves with how to beat their high internet costs in whatever achievable way we can. Falling to the chopper this time as the sacrificial lamb is MTN as their Blackberry plan can now be used to achieve our aim of beating down high internet cost. 

MTN blackberry plan at the moment of writing this piece can be used to browse on PC and android devices, and the best part of it is that you can use it for Unlimited browsing and Endless Streaming. Ordinarily on its own, there is no way MTN BIS can browse on PC or android devices but with various Tunneling and Proxy applications it can be achieved and one of the Tunnel application which can be used to browse on PC and android device with MTN BIS is Your Freedom tunneling application.

Your Freedom has both PC and Android application so whichever one you want to use to browse with MTN BIS you got your back covered full time. 

To get started you need to subscribe for MTN blackberry plan. You can subscribe for either the daily, weekly or monthly blackberry complete plan. Anyone you subscribe for gives you Unlimited internet access.

To subscribe for MTN blackberry complete daily plan, Text bbcday to 21600 or Dial through USSD *216*1*1#

To subscribe for MTN blackberry complete weekly plan, Text bbcweek to 21600 or Dial through USSD *216*1*2#

To subscribe for MTN blackberry complete monthly plan, Text BBC to 21600 or Dial through USSD, *216*1*1#

Download Your-Freedom Client HERE

Signup For a FREE Your freedom account HERE

Install the freedom client on your PC after that launch the freedom software and configure it as follows;

On the Main interface Click on CONFIGURE

On the Your Freedom Server section enter the following

or use any other server number or use the Wizard option on the right hand side to search for a suitable server thats best for you.

PORT: 443



Move to the top menu option and click on Account InformationEnter your freedom account details which you already opened. If you are yet to signup for a free account do that here

After that go back to that same top menu option and click on PROXY SETTINGS and enter the following

Proxy Address:

Proxy Port: 8080

Scroll  down a little bit to where you have HTTP Headers and enter or

After that move down and click on SAVE AND EXIT

On the Menu option on the main interface, Click on PORTS, Tick/Check the SOCKS 4/5 port and WEB PROXY PORT boxes.

Next click on STATUS to go back to the main interface and while you are there click on START CONNECTION but before then make sure that your Access point name (APN) is set to

Once the above is correctly done you can now browse and download with MTN BIS on your PC but before then you need to set your browsers, download managers and other applications to use the following proxy;


PORT: 8080

As a FREE Freedom account user you are allowed only one hour connection time with restricted bandwidth. To UPGRADE your Freedom account, remove the restrictions and enjoy UNLIMITED Browsing and Downloading with MTN BIS and your Freedom Click HERE


Click HERE to download Your Freedom android app from Google play
or Download it directly from the freedom site HERE

Install it on your android device. When you are through installing it open it and configure
it as follows;


Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION enter your freedom user account details or signup for a free account here

Go back and Click on SERVER CONNECTION

On Your Freedom Server enter or used the WIZARD option below to search for a suitable server location for your area.


PORT: 443


Go back to the configuration configuration and click on PROXY SETTINGS and enter



Scroll down a little bit to HTTP HEADERS and enter or

Move back to the main interface and click on START CONNECTION

As a FREE Freedom account user you are allowed only one hour connection time with restricted bandwidth. To UPGRADE your Freedom account, remove the restrictions and enjoy UNLIMITED Browsing and Downloading with MTN BIS and your Freedom Click HERE

Your Freedom is not the only application working with MTN blackberry application. Tunnelguru Simple Server and Pdproxy work as well on PC the choice is yours to make though with TunnelGuru you don't need to bother yourself with proxy configuration of your browser(s) and application as all of them get connected to the internet immediately you get connected with Tunnelguru.

TroidVPN also works with MTN BIS subscription on android devices and also gives you UNLIMITED internet access.


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