CPU-Z Easily Check Your Android Device Hidden Information

CPU-Z is a free android application that reports the various information about an android device. The various information about the android device which CPU -Z reports are categorized under the following System on Chip (SOC), System, Battery and Sensors.

The SOC (System On Chip): The SOC option on the CPU-Z breaks the system on chip information down to the various components that make up the android chip of your device like the manufacturer of the processor, the number of cores it has, the clock speed of each core and the total clock speed of the processor, the CPU load, etc.

On the image below you can see that the device runs on a Quad Core (4 cores) Mediatek 6577 processor which has 1.6ghz processing speed.

System information : The system option shows the android phone model, Brand, manufacturer, board, display, android version, screen resolution, RAM,storage, If the device has been rooted, etc.

Battery information: The battery information shows the battery health, level, status, technology,temperature, capacity.

CPU-Z provides you information about the android device in a simple way which may be hard to figure out if you don't know how to get them on the android device.

To download CPU-Z you can download the APK file directly HERE OR Through Google play through this LINK

CPUZ also has a PC version which you can also use the check the system information of your PC. To get the windows version of CPUZ go through this link.

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