New MTN Blackberry subscription With Tunnelguru (Update)

Tunnelguru with MTN Blackberry Subscription (Updated)

Tunnelguru which once worked with MTN BIS (blackberry complete plan BBC) suddenly began to mess up to the point where select few had theirs working while the vast majority of users could no longer use it.

This piece brings a solution on how to get back online with tunnelguru with MTN blackberry subscription. This time around with another blackberry plan which is totally different from the stopped Blackberry complete (BBC) plan. 
The MTN blackberry plan currently used at this very moment to browse with tunnelguru is the BB10 plans. I wont be going into details about the MTN BB10 plans but just to list the ones that can be effectively used to power back your tunnelguru.

BB Lite Day, BB Midi Day, BB Lite Week and BB Lite Month are the ones to make use of.

If you already have an active Blackberry complete, Text EXPIRE to 21600 to cancel it before you subscribe for any of the BB10 plans below.

BB Lite Daily plan costs #70. To subscribe Text BBLITED to 21600 or Dial *216*7#

BB Midi Daily plan costs #100. To subscribe Text BBMIDID to 21600 or Dial *216*10#

BB Lite Weekly plan costs #500. To subscribe Text BBMIDIW to 21600 or Dial *216*8#

BB LITE Monthly plan costs #1000. To subscribe Text BBLITEM to 21600 or Dial *216*9#

If you have been a tunnelguru user during the blackberry complete era, after subscribing for any of the BB10 plans, launch your tunnelguru and use the same old settings you used with the MTN Blackberry Complete (BBC) plan. Do not change anything.

Before you go on a downloading spree, listen up, all plans (daily,weekly and monthly) on the BB10 come with 5GB data allowance. If you are a heavy internet user then daily plan should be the ideal plan for you.

If however you are new to the game or perhaps you do not have the tunnelguru settings again then follow the procedure below;

Download Tunnelguru application 
Download TG32BIT
Download TG64BIT

Download and install Javaruntime to your system if you don’t already have it.

Extract the tunnelguru to a convenient location on your PC.

If this is your your first time of using tunnelguru, Signup for a Free tunnelguru account HERE

Launch the Tunnelguru application and configure it as follows;

Server:Choose Demo (if you are a free user)

Choose any other Server location (if you are a Premium user)

R port: 80

L port: 0

User: Tunnelguru username

Password: Tunnelguru password

Protocol: TCP

Tick the USE PROXY box and enter


Leave every other thing on the tunnelguru the way they are.


Tunnelguru Free user account allows you to make use of only 100MB of data and only the Demo servers. To make use of the Premium servers on the Tunnelguru  application and go above the 100mb data limit, you need to upgrade your Free tunnelguru account to Premium.

1 Month #600 or $3 

3 Months #1700 or $8.5

To Upgrade Instantly Click 

When you finally get connected and start browsing or downloading, you will receive messages like you have used 70%, 90%, 95% , you have used up your data , blah blah blah..... which may come up at different intervals. Just ignore/delete them and keep on firing till.................


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