Jumia Megathon 50% Discount On Mobile Phones

Jumia Megathon 50% Discount On Mobile Phones

Jumia Nigeria has decided to make the Jumia megathon week one of the best mobile deals with 50% discount on hero deals of the day on select mobile phone brands. The Jumia Megathon deals have many phone brands like innjoo, infinix, tecno, lenovo etc on offer at discount prices and to make the deals sweeter jumia decided to giveaway limited quantity of certain phone models at a giveaway discount of 50%. That is, for a phone like TECNO L3 which ordinarily goes for a jumia megathon discount price of #27,999 with the application of the 50% discount goes for half the price which is #14,000.(#13,999.5)

The 50% discount code is not for everyone though, but for the "fastest fingers" The Jumia megathon deal start by 5AM daily on the mobile app and 9AM on the Jumia megathon website Starting from 9AM jumia releases 50% discount codes and the model of phone which it can be applied for. It goes on this way for every 3hours  (9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 8PM) till 8PM of each day but before then, like 1hour or 30minutes before the hour mark, the 50% discount code goes live on the jumia megathon site ready to be activated on exactly the time specified on it and for the mobile phone model.

The 50% discount offer is a game of the "fastest finger"due to it's limited nature. Once the deal goes live at the hour mark, the people with the fastest fingers get to make use of the 50% discount codes on offer. Imagine competing with thousand others ready to grab the same discount.... The game of the fastest fingers indeed.

Here is a little trick to bit the other thousand competitors; 

First things first, go to the jumia megathon site HERE and Sign up for a Free account if you do not have one before now. Make sure you have everything about your account setup.

Go back to the jumia megathon site one hour or 30minutes before the time, that is (9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 8PM) and check for the discount code and the phone specified for it. Take note of the code.

Click on the BUY NOW button. Look towards the far right hand of the page you will see a shopping cart image, click on it. Then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Now check to make sure that the address you have there is where you want the item to be sent to. If it is correct click on SAVE AND CONTINUE. If it is not correct edit it to the right address.

Check also on the subsequent page to make sure that the item can be sent to the address you provided or choose a Pick up Station closer to you. Once everything has been set correctly, Click on SAVE and CONTINUE.

Choose your payment option then look below the payment section for "DO YOU HAVE A VOUCHER" enter the discount code which you took notice of earlier in the space provided and then wait to the hour mark. Once the time hit the mark, click on USE COUPON and make sure that the discount has been applied before you complete you order.

Like I earlier said, the 50% off discount is limited while there are thousands of people waiting to make use of it, that's why it is nicknamed the game of the "fastest fingers". If you have fast fingers then you get the deal, if you don't have then settle for the regular Jumia megathon discount.


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