Change MTK Android IMEI No

Changing the IMEI of an android device has not being easy but with the application I am introducing your way today you can easily change the IMEI NO of your android device with ease. What android application you may ask? It is none other than MTK ENGINEERING MODE android application.
Before I go any further I will like to inform you that this application works best on android devices running on MEDIATEK processors. To check the processor of your android device simply install CPU-Z android application to it and it will show you the processor of your android device. Check out CPU Z

Changing/Tweaking the imei no of your android device totally voids the warranty of such device and is termed a criminal action in some countries.The tutorial coming shortly is to be used for educational purposes. and it's associates should not be held partially or wholly liable should anything come up when you Tweak the imei no of your device. It is assumed that you know exactly what you are doing, hence you take full responsibilites of your actions.

Alright let's roll. Download and install MTK Engineering Mode android application to your android device. You can download the MTK Engineering Mode android application APK file directly from HERE Or from Google Play

Install the downloaded application to the device you want to change it's imei no. Before you proceed it is advisable to note down the imei no already on the device and keep it safe so you can always change back to the default imei no when the need arises. You can always find the default imei on the phone package or on the sitting housing the battery or simply by dialing *#06#

Launch the MTK Engineering Mode application.

Select the MTK SETTINGS option.

Scroll down and select CDS INFORMATION.


Select either PHONE 1 or PHONE 2. This option is applicable if the phone is dual sim. Choose either of the sim slot you want to change it's imei no.

Relax, it's about to get interesting. At the top of the screen showing by now you will have something like this "AT+"   Tap/click on that particular spot, it will bring out something like this; AT+EMGR=1,7,"" and AT+EMGR=1,10,"" plus other stuffs. Forget about the other stuffs and simply concentrate on the following AT+EMGR=1,7,"" which is for sim 1 and AT+EMGR=1,10,"" is for sim 2. Depending on the sim slot you want to change the imei no, click between the double inverted commas "" that has the right sim slot code you want to change and enter the new imei no.
The tweaking of the imei should look something like this for AT+EMGR=1,7,"345678908765432" that is if sim one is the slot you want to change the imei no and AT+EMGR=1,10,"366567890123456" if you want to change the imei no simply slot 2.

When you are through tweaking and modifying the imei no with the above process, tap the SEND AT COMMAND OPTION.

Switch off the phone and put it back on or Activate the Airplane mode and deactivate it to allow the imei no change take effect.

Next dial *#06# to check the current imei no of the device and see if the imei changing was successful. You can also use the procedure above to revert back to your old default imei no when the need arises.

 Now that you have learnt about how to change/tweak the imei no of you android, I will like you to use the COMMENT BOX below and tell us your experience. Should you also find it hard changing the imei no of your MTK android device still use the COMMENT BOX below to drop your issues and we shall be willing to help you out.


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