Etisalat Free Browsing On android Devices With Tweakware VPN

Get an Etisalat SIM card which has no money #0.0k or data subscription of any kind on it. Having money (airtime) or data on the SIM is not advisable because when you start browsing for free, etisalat will deduct the airtime/data.

Download Tweakware VPN android application directly from this link or download it from Googleplay store

Install the Tweakware VPN on your android device.

Launch the Tweakware VPN, look at the top right hand corner of the application, you will see SETTINGS.

Tap the SETTINGS. From the options displayed tap BUNDLE SETTINGS.

Select the USE BUNDLED SETTING option, tap the SELECT BUNDLED SETTING to go to the listed bundle options.

Select NG Etisalat 0.0k by tapping the small circle beside it.

Once that is done you will be immediately take to the main screen of the application.

On the main screen, tap CONNECT

Wait a little bit for it to get connected and once it gets connected you can then enjoy free browsing on your android device.

Tweakware VPN comes with a Pre-registered account which allows for only 250mb daily data allowance. For you to be able to browse for free, go beyond the 250mb data allowance and enjoy unlimited internet access you need to upgrade from FREE USER to PREMIUM USER.


Premium Tweakware VPN account gives you UNLIMITED internet access.

Freedom to choose from any server location on the application.

With a Premium Tweakware VPN account you do not get this message “Maximum Number of free users reached”


To get tweakware VPN premium account and enjoy unlimited browsing you need to make a payment of #1,000.

The #1,000 gets you a Premium Twaekware VPN username and password.

Make payment to:

Anayo Emmanuel


First Bank Nigeria PLC

After payment text the transaction details and your desired username (any username you want to use) to 08056370712.

For questions or should you have problem setting it up, use the comment box below.

Do not be stingy enjoying the free browsing alone. Use the social media buttons(Facebook share, Twitter buttons) on the site to share this post so your friends can enjoy this free browsing with you.


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