How To Get 4GB For N1000 8GB For N2000 And More On MTN

MTN Pulse prepaid subscribers have the benefit of enjoying 1GB data for #500 with a validity of 7days. Ordinarily, no other prepaid plan available on MTN network has such benefit. MTN also has a service, MTN 100% double data offer, through which any of their prepaid subscriber can get 100% double data bundle. Subscribe for 1GB through the double data offer and you get 2GB instead.

In simple terms, here is how to get 4GB for N1000 on MTN network;

Activate the MTN 100% double data offer on your MTN SIM

Migrate to MTN pulse prepaid plan.

Subscribe to MTN pulse 1GB data for #500.

You Get 1GB + Extra 1GB 100% double data making it 2GB.

You go through the data subscription yet again. Each #500 data subscription gives 2GB instead of 1GB.

With the above process you get 4GB data for 1,000 Naira and a validity of 14days.

The more you subscribe the more you get both on data and validity.

Each subscription has 7days validity.

To begin the journey of enjoying this special data extravaganza you need to activate the MTN 100% double data offer on your MTN Sim and to do that;

You need to make sure that you have airtime on your MTN SIM (#50 or below).

Send Double to 131.

Send Promo to 131. When you send any of Double and Promo to 131 you will receive a error response. Just ignore it and continue with the activation.

You will then receive a pop up message that says "your request for Device Bundle at naira 1.00/day"

Just Accept it and proceed

Send Free to 131

Once you are through with activating MTN 100% double data offer on your MTN SIM migrate to MTN pulse prepaid plan.

To migrate to MTN pulse prepaid plan simply text 406 to 131 or dial *406*1#
Migration to MTN pulse prepaid plan is FREE but attracts a fee of #100 if you have migrated to any other prepaid plan with a 30day period.

The next thing is to subscribe to the MTN pulse 1GB for #500 data bundle plan and to do that dial *406*2# or send 103 to 131.

To check you data bundle plan send 2 to 131 or dial *131*4#

If you are not down with getting 7days validity on each subscription to MTN pulse 1GB for #500 data bundle plan, you can just dial *131# and choose from the monthly data bundle plans on offer but mind you, going through this route does not add up. #1000 monthly data bundle plan gives 1GB and when doubled becomes 2GB but if you subscribe to 1GB for #500 using MTN pulse prepaid plan you get the same 2GB for #500 and 4GB for #1000. The choice is now yours to make between 2GB for #1,000 with 30days validity through MTN normal data bundle subscription and 4GB for #1,000 with 14days validity through MTN pulse 7days data bundle plan. Need I remind you once again that the more you subscribe the more you get both on data and validity.

With the MTN 100% double data offer, it simply the more you subscribe the merrier it becomes. You can get as much as 20GB of data for just N5,000.

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