Glo Special N200 Data Bundle 1.2GB data for #200

Globacom Nigeria is truly living up to its self-acclaimed nickname, Grandmasters of Data, as it has launched a special data bundle plan called Glo special N200 data bundle. The Glo special data bundle plan offers 1.2GB data for #200 (Two hundred naira).

The glo special N200 data bundle plan is available for subscription to all glo mobile customers. It does not require any special requirement. It also works on all data-enabled devices.

How To Subscribe To Glo Special N200 Data Bundle

To subscribe to the Glo Special N200 data bundle plan, 

Dial *777# and follow the prompt as follows;

Reply/Select 1(Buy Data)

Reply/Select 1 again (Buy 3G-4G Data Plan)

Reply/Select 5 (Special Data Offer)

Reply/Select 2 (Special N200 Data)

Reply/Select 1 (#200 = 1.2GB 3Days)

The Glo N200 special data bundle plan comes with 3days validity period. That notwithstanding, the glo N200 special data bundle plans supports data accumulation. You can subscribe more than once when you have an active subscription and when you do, you extend the validity by another 3days. The more you subscribe the more you extend the validity period.

If you have #1,000 airtime, you can subscribe to the Glo special N200 data bundle plan for five times. Each subscription comes with 1.2GB data bundle and 3 days validity. #1,000 airtime will get 6GB data bundle and a total validity period of 15days.

To check Glo data bundle plan and the validity period dial *127*0# or go through the Glo self-service portal at

The Glo N200 special data bundle plan can be shared and also gifted to other globacom users.

Glo N200 special data bundle plan is an extraordinary data bundle plan that goes beyond what is obtainable from other network data bundle plans and has no guarantee it will last a lifetime. Globacom might decide to stop it anytime they deem necessary but you can enjoy it at the moment while it lasts.


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