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Monday, November 3, 2008



Welcome to my basement.
Yea, with much buzz lately about making money online, I decided to create this blog to contribute my own quota to make your success journey online quick and well guarded.
You see, I have been online for a very long time now and have seen and done many programs to get to the stage I am, in the course of them all, I have gotten vast experiences which if I decide to stay and enjoy alone without inviting you over to be my guest you would think of me as been selfish. But that is not the case here because as I have invited you to be my guest, it is now left for you to graduate from been my guest to my friend.
Oh! Too bad I forgot, as my guest what do I offer you, give me a call on 08056370712.
In as much as you have been to my basement, for you to be a welcomed guest you must have to abide by my basement rules for you to benefit immensely from the money making resources I would be giving out here for free.
My basement rules are;
If you are in for a get-rich-quick scheme, I am sorry check the next basement.
The more you frequent this basement, the much bonus you would receive as a friend of the basement.
If you are in anyway lazy to try out the information my basement would be rolling out from time to time, I am sorry forget about being my guest.
With the above been clearly read and understood, I would like to ask what would you want me to offer you. Ask whatsoever question about internet money making opportunities at or comment on it on this blog site or better still call me 08056370712 for easy and quick services.

Until you are my guest again, keep asking me questions….
Anayo Ezinwa

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