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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



You can now at the comfort of your home generate a debit card for your online shopping.

Hitherto now, it has been a problem to Nigerians and other developing countries trying to shop online due to the strict conditions attached to owning a credit card which would easily facilitate online shopping.

But as day goes, different innovations and developments have removed all those hitches and now with the emergence of two giant online merchant sites and you can now shop for whatever you want online, ranging from those money making ebooks on clickbank to art works on amazon to domain registration and hosting to whatever you want to buy online.

The good thing about this merger between and is that it provides you with a debit account which you can use to shop online securely.

The two merchant sites works this way;

You open a free account at

And also a free account at

Graph card is the company that issues you the virtual card to shop online and virtual terminal network gives you the window to fund your graph card account through your Nigerian bank services.

The procedure is, if you see any goods or service you want to buy online that requires a credit card, simply log in to your graphcard account, look for and click on add fund, you would then be taken to a place with the Virtual terminal network icon where you input the amount in Naira and they exchange it to dollar for you at the exchange rate at that particular point in time.

Next, you proceed to any branch of UBA (United bank for Africa) and deposit the money in Naira and your virtual terminal account would be funded, then you can now use the money in your virtual terminal network account to fund your graph card account and make your online purchase hassle free.

For more on virtual terminal networks’s account number, how to fund or use virtual terminal network log in to your account and click on their FAQ page.
So what are you waiting for,

Rush over to and
then relax and make your online shopping.

For questions,suggestions and comments mail me at or call 08056370712

Sunday, July 26, 2009



No man is an island as there can be no one on this earth who knows it all, that is everyone on this planet socializes, attaches and depends on each other for success in any form of activity.

Every day rises with different problems, stresses and struggles, so also countless solutions, tips and tricks to overcoming the ever different problems of the everyday life present itself in different forms and shades which can only be seen and made available to some people at different points in time. That summarily boils down to the reason why each and every one in this world has to come together and socialize because whatever be your problem someone has a solution for it and whatever idea you have someone somewhere is earnestly in dire need of it. That’s why the issue of forum can into existence.

Online forum is simply an online community (meeting point) of the same group of people where they meet to generally discuss issues about them.

Just like we have physical forums, so also we have virtual/online forums.

To every forum either online or offline there are basically two (2) categories of people that you normally experience their presence there.

The solution seekers

The solution creators.

Your success on an online/physical forum depends on which divide you follow.

Different people join different kinds of online forum for different things. Some join so as tap to from the knowledge of the experts on the forum while some join to provide solutions to the ever increasing problems of the forum members and in turn make money from them.

For instance, if you are a computer programmer and you happen to encounter a sort of problem while writing a program or you simply want to keep abreast with the recent developments in the programming world. All you have to do is simply go to Google and do a search for computer programmer’s forum and register on as many of them as you like.

The same is applicable for any kind of field of endeavor you find yourself in; education, real estate, music, stocks and shares etc.


Free adverts for your blog sites, websites and paid-to read programs; just like I wrote in the ebook I sent to you “8 Top tested and guaranteed online business you can start with no start up capital”(which can be downloaded for free at You can create numerous blogs, fill them with affiliate programs and adsense, sign up for get-paid to read programs etc but without driving traffic(sending visitors) to them you won’t make a dime.

Your SIG LINE on any forum acts as a free advert for all the online programs you are into and with it, you are in for major source of traffic to your online programs.

It also affords you the opportunity of learning from others. If you have any problem about any issue and you post it on an online forum site, someone who has a solution to that your problem will answer it.

Makes you money; for every problem there is a solution and for every problem you know about, there are over thousands of people experiencing that same kind of problem. If you receive an answer or solution from and expert in a different forum, you can write an e-report or ebook on that solution you have gotten, build a blog or website on that your ebook about the solution, move over to another forum as there would still be people who are looking for that same solution/information. Do a review about that your ebook on a forum site and use your Sig LINE to market and advertise your ebook and watch your sales rise to a fever pitch.

As a forum administrator(owner), you have a greater opportunity of serving adsense, serving banner adverts and also building a quick mailing list which you can lease for money or send them an informational product all for money.


For you to be successful in any online forum, you have to abide by the rules and regulations which govern the entire forum which includes

Do not go to an online forum and starting advertising any thing. The SIG LINE is all yours to use for any form of advert and not the message/post itself.

Do not use vulgar languages.

Be regular and make reasonable posts on the forum as that would make the members see you as a force to be reckoned with.

Read and apply the rules of any forum you join as you would get blacklisted should you go against any of them.

Examples of online forums you can join immediately for online success are

Finally do all of the above....

For questions, comments or suggestions email me at

To your online success

Anayo Ezinwa


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The path to top tested and guaranteed internet business to financial freedom.

Alas! That which you have sought for a very long time is now at your reach. With just a click away you can now lay your hands on the laid down tested,legit and guaranteed ways to earn money online .
This is no hype the path to financial freedom is what you have for free.

The one and only road to success in any venture is to stand tall on the shoulder of one who has gone before you, that way you can see what he sees and what he does not see.

That same way, I present to you the 8 top,tested, guaranteed and profitable online businesses which have the potential of giving you the financial freedom you have earnestly sought for. My experience as an internet warlord is what I brought to the fore to help anyone who wants to succeed online in the form of a FREEE ebook.
Yes, you can see it clear, I give it away for FREEEEEEEE...................


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Online Surveys;Two sites that you can not do without when it comes to online surveys….

There came a recent buzz online about money making opportunities that abound in it and many people keyed into these various programs it has to offer, Online survey been one amongst them.

Many experts and too many quasi individuals have had things to say about this program; Online surveys.

Yes, just like you were been told or hearing it for the first time, there is genuine money to be online more especially in this program Online surveys………………

I am not here to tell you the same old story about online surveys or to start explaining the way it works, but to give you the two giant survey sites that you cannot do without if you want to make it huge taking surveys online

If you want a detailed explanation on what is taking online surveys and the way it work, you can check out this blog site as it is explained in details there and also in the free ebook “8 top, tested online business you can start right away with no start up capital and still make $100-$700 monthly” which you get for free at .

With the above said the Two sites are and
If you are a registered member on any or both of these sites and you never made a dime taking surveys on them or you never received a survey to take still go to so as to know the reason why it happened that way and also possible ways to avoid them in the future .

Find out how to make it big taking surveys online when you register on any of the sites above or on any survey site also get the most guarded tips and uncanny tricks on making it big taking surveys online exposed at

Thursday, March 12, 2009

(FREE BROWSING) Browse the internet for free with this hot, new MTN AND ZAIN FREE BROWSING CODE

Because of the dynamic nature and changing nature of MTN FREE BROWSING CODE I have decide to create this post. It will be update everytime there is a new code. YOU ARE ENCOURAGE TO BOOKMARK THIS POST AND CHECK BACK. if you have a new code feel free to share it, leave a comment. THE MTN CODES ARE

MTN BROWING UPDATED 2: Free Mtn and Zain codes for browsing

Just about 72hrs ago,MTN blocked d freebrowsing on phones, but guess,after research,i came up with a new code that will HELP U to connect browsing FREE. this wil be OK to those using N-series,E-series & 3230 for nokia & any SONYERICSSON FONES with SOLIBAY SOFTWARE. But will encourage your free will donation for this research by sending recharge cards to any of the numbers above. Thanks. Now open your solibay, click menu, selct tool, settings then Network. scroll down to opera-mini server, erase & type inside d box, or ASK FOR ZAIN USE then click save.
Happy surfing

Monday, March 2, 2009

How to open a verified paypal account in Nigeria.

You see, this issue of opening and verifying a paypal account in Nigeria has generated so much controversy in recent times.

Opening and verification of a paypal account here in Nigeria has also been the issue all around and the topic of virtually evey seminar that has to do with internet earnings.

In times past, the opening and verification of a paypal account here in Nigeria was very hard and after series of research, there came the opening of a U.S bank account which allows you verify your paypal with it.But as it is right now, that is history as you can no longer verify your paypal account with a U.S bank account.

I know it may sound so funny to you but that is the truth and the only truth. so forget about all those people,adverts, manuals telling you that you can open and verify your paypal account with a U.S bank account as they are out to give you an outdated and non-working way of opening and verifying a paypal account

What then I'm I driving at, the message I want to get across to you is that for now, it is IMPOSSIBLE to open and verify a paypal account here in Nigeria with a U.S bank account.I might be lying for all you care but you have your money, you have your decisions to make, go on and make the mistake of buying those manuals that promise what is no true.

With the above said, I want to introduce to you the one and only genuine way to open and verify a paypal account here in Nigeria and in any other country not listed on paypal.

P.P.C paypal cash card remains the only solid and working way to open and verify a paypal account because with it, you do not have to pass through the hasseles of I.p swapping, getting a virtual address from graph card as it comes with its own American address.

It also relieves you from stress, as you can withdraw the money in it from your Nigerian bank account.

To get a P.P.C all you need is just your email address and #9,000(because of the rate of dollar to Naira).

To have your own card set up all you need to do is just to call our helpdsk on 08056370712.

Do not say that nobody told you as I have told you. save your money and stress and order for this because, if you finally make that mistake of doing it with U.S bank account you would still come back for this P.P.C and by that time it might have been too late for you.


To order for you own card right away just call 08056370712