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Friday, July 4, 2014

How To Cancel MTN Caller Tune

MTN can be funny at times with their caller tunes service. Imagine recharging your line only to find out that you have been charged for something you know nothing about only to inquire and find out that you have been charged for caller tune service... Annoying huh?

Most times you are left wondering how and when on earth you subscribed for MTN caller tune in the first instance. Caller Tunes also called Ring back Tunes (RBT) from MTN most times come as a free package added to another service so in getting the package you automatically get enrolled for a Free one month access of Caller/Ring back tune. One of such is when you want to migrate from one prepaid plan to another. After the one month free access you are then being charged monthly.

Ring back tunes which is simply a tune that plays on the phone of anyone who calls you may in some cases be a deliberate service which you consciously get into to make your callers happy.

Whatever the case, when the MTN caller tune starts to bug and irritate you silly, there is an escape route to opt-out of the caller tune wahala and that is what I will be showing you now.

How To Cancel MTN Caller Tune.

To stop the MTN caller Tune and its wahala simply send CANCEL to 4100

Immediately that is done you would be removed from the MTN caller tune service.

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Kelvin Omuojine said...

Helpful. Thanks!

nkoli said...

Really helpful. Thanks a lot. Mtn ripped me off each month.

nkoli said...

Really helpful. Thanks a lot. Mtn ripped me off each month.

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