Unlimited free Zain browsing with just #500 Naira

Choose A Browsing Plan
Zain has different browsing packages, 50 MB,1000 MB. E. t. c, so what is left is for you to buy one of the MB Package. Let me use the 50 MB for instance. To acquire the 50 MB package, you will need to load a Zain credit of #500 ( Five Hundred Naira Only).

Loading is done using the *126 *PIN NUMBER# To convert the loaded #500 to 50 MB, you will need to type in this code *141 *712 *3 # and send (if you are using your phone as modem), or type in the code into the USSD of your Zain internet modem platform and also click on send (if you use the Zain modem). If you just load your Zain credit without converting it to a browsable package e. g. 50 MB, you will still browse but your money will disappear in less than 15 minutes!

Load your #500 Zain credit as explained above and convert to the 50 MB browsable format using the code giving above (*141 *712 *3 #). When you check your browsable balance, (using *141 *712 *0 #), a message like this will show up: “You have used 0MB of your current 50MB bundle. Your bundle expires on-- ---- date” For example if you load your 50 MB bundle today (8 th of June, 2010) , your data package will expire by midnight of the following day,i. e 12 midnight of 7 th of July which is also 8 th of July,2010.

Now let me tell you about the loophole that works very very effectively, so you will NEVER load another card again.
1. Take note of the date/day of loading your credit and activating your browsing bundle.
2. Make sure you do not finish the whole 50 MB bundle prior to the expiration period. For example assuming today is 6 th July, 2010 ; make sure you did not completely finish the whole 50 MB between the 6 th of July and midnight of the other day. I personally advice that you do not use more than 40 MB out of the 50 MB so that you may still have an extra 10 MB

3. By around 11. 30 p. m the following day, that is about 30 minutes before the expiration period of your active 50 MB internet bundle, connect your internet with the remaining 10 MB and make sure you’re online till after 12. 00 midnight i. e around 12. 15 a. m.
4. Normally, if you’re not online, as explained above, your data bundle will just expire and you will need to load again to browse. But whenever you’re online as explained above, the Zain system will automatically reverse your internet bundle from what you have left, and credit your account again with another 50 MB.

If you check your browsable bundle after the 12 midnight as explained above, it would have reversed to this: “You have used 0MB of your current 50MB bundle. Your bundle expires on 2010 /07 /08 ( since the date now is 7 th July, 2010 ” (Another 24 hours has been added) This means, you will have to keep repeating this same process again and again bearing in mind the new date and how to effectively use it for profit.

Some few minutes after the 12. 00 midnight, if you check your data bundle balance using *141 *712 *0 #, you may get a message like this: “Your data bundle is not active” Do not bother about this. Just keep browsing as the internet network will still be going. If you check your balance again by 12. 15 a. m or later, your data bundle would have been reversed and you can do a lot of things on the internet with that.

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