Etisalat Receiver Pays

Etisalat receiver pays is an innovation from your mobile network
provider, Etisalat, where you make call to an Etisalat number and the
receiver(that is, the person you called) pays for the call.

Etisalat receiver's pay allows you to call your friends and family
members without credit on your phone or you simply just want the
receiver to pay for the call whilst keeping your credit/airtime safe,
untouched and intact.

To make use of Etisalat receiver pay's you simply have to Dial, 268
followed by the etisalat number you want to call.
Example: 26808081234567

Once the call gets through to the receiver, he/she will be notified
and asked to accept to pay for the call. If he/she accepts, his/her
airtime will be deducted for the call. On the other hand, if he/she
decline's the call will be ended.



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