Easily Hibernate Your Computer/PC Through A Batch File.

Just like there is a difference between rest and sleep when it comes
to human beings. So also it is when it comes to computer/PC.

While the two may seem the same, it might interest you to know that
SLEEP, inasmuch as it saves the present state of your system just like
HIBERNATION, it saps the power of your system.

Hibernation on the other hand saves the power on your system and shuts
down the normal way a system does. It returns you to exactly what you
were doing before you hibernated.

Actually, when you hibernate, your system stores whatever it has on
memory in your hard disk and then shuts down. Whenever your system
comes out of hibernation, it returns to the original state it was
looking as if it never shut down in the first place.

Now you can see that it is more preferable to HIBERNATE because it
saves both your work and system power.

However, some system for one reason or another may not have the
conventional HIBERNATING option. You can remedy the situation by
creating a Batch File which can always help you easily hibernate your

To create the Batch File all you need to do is;

Right-click on any free space on your Desktop to create a new "Text document"

Copy and paste the code below and Paste it into the text document.

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate

Save the text document with the name hibernate.bat or anything.bat

Finally, whenever you want to Hibernate your system. Run (Open/Double
Click) the batch file to hibernate your computer.

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