Nigeria Zip/Postal Code; How To Get The Zip/Postal Code Of Your Area.

When signing up or registering for something online, there is always
the need for a zip/postal code.

You may have come across it while doing a registration online or
offline and you wonder, OH! What the heck about postal or zip code and
how to get it. You may have been forced into using any code that comes
to your mind at that point in time.
You may have used 234000 or whatever. It may have worked for you but
the truth remains that, you are dead wrong and that particular mistake
may cost you some form of delay for the delivery of your mails or

Zip/postal code is a code that lets your local post office sort you
mails/packages easily for easy distribution.

With different streets, roads and local government all in a state it
would be hard to sort the mails and the packages to each streets,
roads or local government hence, the postal code makes it easy for the
post office agents to sort the mails based on the location meant for
them and deliver them easily and fast.

How To Get The Postal Code Of Your Area;

There are 2 (two) ways to get the zip/postal code of your area in
Nigeria even your village.

• Visit the post office nearest to you and ask them.

• Visit and search for your area's zip/postal code on this site

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  1. you can find your area zip/post codes at

  2. hello Admin, it seems the link to the is not working but i found this one they cover all postal codes in Nigeria. you can replace the nigeriapostcodes with it Thanks