India web proxy when passed through proxifier allows you to access
HTTPS sites and sites with SSL encryption.

To set it up all you need to do is;

Download proxifier version 3 from

Launch your proxifier software.

Then set it up with India web proxy any version from version 3 as follows;

From The Menu Bar, Click on PROFILE.


A small window appears. Look at the Right side and click ADD.

Another window appears, at the Address under server. Enter
PORT; 6052. Then Tick/mark HTTPS.

Click on OK. Still also click OK to exit the other window.

You will then get a message that reads "you do not have any proxy
servers enabled in Options-> proxification_Rules.Do you want to edit
Proxification Rules now?"

Click Yes.

On the window that will show you will see javaw.exe[auto-created] tick
it then go to Action, pull down the pull-down menu and select DIRECT.

Click OK.

Then go back to PROFILE from your Menu Bar. Click on ADD.

From the Window displayed.

On Name, change the "NEW" there to the Name of the program you want to
pass through proxifier or leave the NEW as it is.

On the next box which is APPLICATION, click on BROWSE which is at the
right below the box.

Browse through you system hard drive for your program files mainly the
C: drive.
Locate the program files and search for your Mozilla Firefox or any
other program or application you want to pass through Proxifier.

The programs will always be in a folder. Open the folder of the
particular program and search for the main program icon mainly .exe
files. Once you locate it double click on it or use the open.

After that move all the way down and look for ACTION at the down-left
hand corner. Pull down the arrow- down menu and select PROXY HTTPS

Click on OK.

Also click OK on the other window.

You (may) will receive a message "None of your enabled Proxification
Rules have a proxy as Action. It means that Proxifier will not use
proxy Server(s) to process connections. Is this the intent?"

Click YES.

Now you are done.

Open your Mozilla or the application you added to the proxifier and
Select NO PROXY.

Whenever you start up your India Web Proxy, you need to activate port
6052. To do this change your browser proxy settings back to
port 6052 and try opening any site at all. India web proxy will then
show you a message "PORT 6052 ACTIVATED"

After that switch the browser back to NO PROXY.

That's all……….

However, I have made everything very easy for you from this link
you can download a file where you have the Proxifier version 3
software, the registration key alongside how to set the proxifier to
work with india web proxy.

Now go ahead and enjoy your India web proxy with Proxifier.


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