How To Cancel (Stop) Etisalat Data Bundle Auto Renewal

Etisalat data bundle subscription has an auto renewal effect which makes it renew itself at the expiration of the data bundle an Etisalat subscriber subscribed for so long as the Etisalat subscriber has enough airtime on his/her Etisalat line the moment the data bundle finishes.

For example, an Etisalat subscriber subscribes for the 10mb daily data bundle which ordinarily will last for 24hours. On the expiration of the 24hours the data bundle will not only expire but will automatically subscribe a new daily data bundle for the Etisalat user so long as their is #100 airtime on the subscribers line.

In the same vein, if an Etisalat subscriber subscribes for the weekly 50mb, it will auto renew itself at the end of the expiration of the data bundle and automatically deduct the said amount from the subscribers airtime so long as the airtime is big enough to effect the renewal.

The same way it goes for every other Etisalat data bundle package.
To stop the above scenario, that is, your Etisalat line from auto renewal of data bundle. All you need to do is simply;
Dial *229*0#
TEXT, Stop to 229
With any of the above format applied your Etisalat line will stop to renew your data bundle automatically.

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  1. Every time I send d deactivation code it tells me please try again later the operation failed, I have tried it close to a 100 times now,but stilll no response pls help me..

  2. To make sure it works for you, make sure you have an ongoing etisalat subscription.

    You may also try this code *229*0*0# and if it fails to work for you then call etisalat customer care on 200

  3. Thanks your post is really helpful

  4. Can I get deactivation code of datapack in Etisalat? 25 aed and it's it's auto renewal plan.