Glo G-Bam Hi5ive Everything You Need To Know About It


Who can avail of the G-BAM Package?
All new and existing prepaid customers

How do I migrate to the G-BAM Package?
Dial *100*5*1# and when asked for the confirmation press 1

How do I register special numbers?
Dial *101*1*MSISDN # for each number and when asked for the confirmation Press 1.
MSISDN is the GLO Number of the person you want to add/register.

How do I modify special numbers?
Dial *101*2*Existing Special No*New Special No#

Will I have to pay for registration of the special numbers?
First time registration of numbers is free! But to delete or modify FAMILY AND FRIENDS (F&F) number customer will be charged N50 per change.

When will the Daily Access Fee be deducted?
The access fee will be deducted first thing in the morning.

Will Existing customers enjoy the N500 bonus on migrating to the G-Bam?
The N500 Bonus is strictly on activation for all new customers who recharge.

Can existing customers migrate to the new G-BAM package?
Yes. Existing customers can migrate to the plan using the USSD code *100*5*1#

Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?
No. New activations are on a default tariff of Classic Plus or Infinito. New as well as existing customers will have to dial the USSD migration code *100*5*1# to migrate to G-BAM.

How can I de-register from the G-BAM package?
By Dialing the respective USSD code of the new package to which you want to migrate.

Is free night calling benefits available on G-BAM?
Yes. Free Night Calling is available on G-BAM. The qualification parameter is different here as the usage threshold is N200 in the previous 7 days to enjoy Free Night Calls in the following 7 days between 12am and 4.59am.

How do I register and use AFRICHAT?
Test ‘chat’ to 20805 and follow the instructions over interactive sms.

How will the customer enjoy the Africhat benefit?
Customers on the G-BAM will enjoy free Africhat from 6pm on Friday to 6am on Sunday

Is free SMS or free voice available on G-BAM?
Free voice is available between 12am and 4:59am when qualified. But there is no free SMS

How do I Get FREE Subscription to Glo Radio?
All the customers who migrate to GBAM profile upon deduction of the daily access charge get FREE subscription to Glo Radio for 7 days.

How do I check if I am eligible for FREE subscription?
Dial 77025 to confirm that you have free subscription.

How do I listen to the Glo Radio?
Dial 77011 to listen to your favorite songs. (Browsing charges of N5/min applicable) as only Subscription of N25 for the week is FREE.

What time can I browse facebook for free?
Free browsing on Facebook is available from 1am to 6 am – 5 hours every night!

How do I qualify for free browsing on facebook?
Simply migrate to the G-BAM profile on your prepaid Glo line.

Do I need to configure my phone?
The free browsing is available on WAP and Glo Direct. You will need to set your device up for WAP or Glo Direct.
For WAP, send ‘wap’ to 1234
For Glo Direct, send ‘internet’ to 1234

I have migrated to G-BAM and have been debited the N10 daily fee, why am I still charged when I browse Facebook?
Facebook is only free between 1am and 6am daily.

I browse between 1am and 6am and still get charged for Facebook, what can be wrong?
You have clicked an external link – for instance a video or another website while on Facebook. This takes you outside Facebook and that link is not free. You will be charged. For example, if you click a YouTube video during this period, you will be charged for it.

I browse between 1am and 6am and inside facebook only but still get charged for facebook, what can be wrong?
During the login process, Facebook encrypts your user data (username and password) to prevent your account from unauthorized access. During the login process, even our network cannot read the data between your phone and Facebook, so the log in process is charged. This is usually not a large amount of data and so will not cost too much – however the amount will vary from device to device. After log in, you will continue to browse for free.

I have subscribed to a data bundle on my device, will I still enjoy free facebook browsing?
No, unless you change the configuration of your device to WAP or Glo Direct.

What if I decide to use the Facebook app/client on my device (such as the iPhone app or the Android app), will I be charged?
If browsing occurs outside of the Facebook URLs, you will be charged the respective rates for data.

What if I connect my phone as a modem to my PC and browse Facebook, will I be charged?
We will not charge you for Facebook, but because your PC will have other applications running (such as Windows Update, Anti-virus update etc), your computer may browse and download other data that will be outside of Facebook. We will charge you for these.

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