New and Latest Glo Free Browsing Settings on India Web Proxy version 5

Glo has got a new settings for india web proxy also with a new version
launch, version 5.

The new version as well promises free browsing at utmost downloading
and browsing speed.

Download the latest india web proxy version 5

After the download, create a New Access Point (APN) on your modem with Glosecure

Then configure your new india web proxy version 5 thus;

Web Host:

Web port : 80#443

For username and password check

Proxy url :

Proxy Host: 2383e2433323e273e20353





Port : 80#443

Username: web


Uncheck SSL

Select : Internet-3-G

Then Start Proxy

Your browser and application should go with the Configuration below;

Http Proxy:

Port: 6051, 6052 or 6053

If you are yet to get a Username and Password (data Plan). Check

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