How To Create A New Access Point (APN) On A Modem

A modem has the ability to access different network sims.Some mobile
network operators will always lock their modem so as to have the user
always be their loyal subscriber.
While bearing in mind that you modem can access any network of choice,
it is important to note that it would be possible only when you must
have Unlocked The Modem.
After a successfully modem unlock, the modem will be ready to access
and use any SIM from any network. To use any network SIM on your modem
other than the one that came with the modem, you need to create an
Access Point for the particular SIM you want to use. For example, if
you have a Glo NetPro Modem and you decide to use a SIM from MTN on
it. You will have to unlock the GLO NetPro modem first. After that you
can use the MTN SIM on it freely just like you would on MTN modem only
after creating an Access Point for MTN on your GLO NetPro modem.
To create an Access Point for any network on you modem.
Simply open your modem interface.
Click on TOOLS right from the MENU BAR. From the fly-down menu that
pulls down Click on OPTIONS.
A new window appears on top of the already opened modem interface.
Look for and Click on PROFILE MANAGEMENT.
Click on NEW.
Then Fill the spaces provided appropriately.
On PROFILE NAME, write the name of the network you are creating an
Access Point Name for.
After that TICK/Check the small circle with STATIC. Then fill the
correct access point of the network you want to add.
On the Authentication Part, you have the Access Number already set to
*99#. Leave it the way it is.
For USERNAME and PASSWORD you may as well leave them blank.
Click on SAVE.
Then Click on OK.
That is it...... You have successfully created a New Access Point Name
on your modem.
To make use of the Access Point you created, on the modem interface
you will see PROFILE NAME. Click on the space beside it to pull down a
fly-menu. From the fly-down menu select the network you want to use.
Then Click on CONNECT..
So Get FREE.........Enjoy your modem with any network of your choice
after creating the Access Point Name of that particular network.

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