How To Make Money Online With Your Blackberry

Blackberry, one of the smartphones launched as a business solution has to an extent being abused by most users as they have failed to use the device true to the original aim why it was launched. Most users think “PINGING” is all the device has got to offer and as such use if only for that purpose and for fun. Blackberry as a smartphone can do virtual everything you Computer/laptop can do even more/less depending on how efficient you are with gadgets.

Personally, I am of the view that if you want to use any device you should use it to the maximum and get yourself acquainted with all it has got to offer so as to enjoy your device to the fullest and not abuse it.

 Blackberry as a smart phone is not a device which sole purpose is for fun, though that is one of its benefit but as you use it for fun try and explore other sides to with includes “Making Money” with it. For example bloggers and webmasters use blackberry to update their website while on the go and make legitimate cash on it.
However, you can try and explore other ways to make money with your blackberry and below I will take you through one of the processes of making money with blackberry.

Let’s go

At the time of reading this post you may have more or less than 1000 contacts on your BBM contact. Whatever the case, for you explore to the maximum the method I am about expose here and have it work effectively and efficiently You must have lots of contacts on your BBM (Blackberry Messenger) at least 2000 contacts.
Now making money with your BlackBerry boils down to one simple process which has to do with you broadcasting someone's paid advert(s) to all your contacts.
Relax you mind as I know you may be wondering how to get adverts to Broadcast to your BBM contacts. Getting adverts to broadcast is so simple, I will give you some hints on how to go about it.

You can broadcast this : "Promote your products, events, services and business to over 2000 BBM users in Nigeria". After that am sure some people will be interested to do business with you and bill them. You may bill them #500 per broadcast.

Before looking out for an advertiser, you should Change your display name to a name that can be easily searched for and found on BBM. Try and be professional and do away with all those names full of smiley faces, signs and symbols or some funny letters as it would be difficult for people to search for and find you. Besides, no one will see you as someone serious for business with all that. So, it's better you change your display name to your website name or your real name without any “funny” name, signs and symbols.

You can also get advert by replying any broadcast that includes someone's products or services.

While trying to find clients (advertisers) please do not lie about your BBM contacts to your clients because some of them might request you screengrab your contacts list.

You don’t know what you can do or how much money you can make with your Blackberry until you TRY. So give it a shot, besides you have got nothing to lose.

If you have other ideas on how to earn money online with Blackberry or have made money from Blackberry before, Please, kindly relay them via comments.

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