Can A Nigerian Make Money Online From Online Surveys? (PART ONE)

Online money making comes in different shades and forms. We have the AFFILIATE MARKETING, INFOMARKETING (INTERNET MARKETING), etc Online surveys inclusive which fall under the GET-PAID –TO categories.

Whichever online business model you decide to follow, there is money to be made depending on your level of understanding of the online business module in question and your level of dedication to it.
Online money making through taking online surveys in this instance is very realistic but before we go any further I would like to briefly define online survey from it’s literal context.

Survey simply means looking and examining something carefully so as to give a general assessment of it.
The general notion of online survey follows a scenario like this; a company, individual or government launches a product/service or tries to launch  a new product/service, to make sure they meet the demands of the market or for whatever reason which includes;
Find out the general audience reaction to the product/service.

Look for testimonials/reviews to boost the market value of the product/service.

Better ways to enhance their products/services.

See if it will sell better than an already existing product/service.

Look for a way to find out what the users of an existing product hate about the product so they can build strongly on it and knock the existing product off the market.

To achieve the above aims and for some other reasons, the company starts looking out for people who will help them achieve their goal through helping them check out their products or help them gather information through what is generally known online as ONLINE SURVEY.
Some companies out there give out their product(S) for you to test and after which you send them a feedback of what you find good or bad about the product. Since you help them achieve what they want, they in turn reciprocate by paying you in cash or by giving you some gifts and incentives.

A clear picture of a survey looks like the population census in your area where you are asked some questions about anything so the government can find ways to better allocate resources and better the lives of citizens.

Oh Yes! Companies spend huge amount of money and resources on surveys and are willing to pay just to engage you taking online surveys but the BIG QUESTION is, AS A NIGERIAN CAN YOU MAKE MONEY ONLINE TAKING ONLINE SURVEYS? Find out the answer to this question HERE (The answer to  the above question can be found on the part two of this report HERE)
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