Can A Nigerian Make Money Online From Online Surveys? (PART TWO)

In the PART ONE of this report “Can A Nigerian Make Money Online From Online Surveys?I briefly explained the concept of ONLINE SURVEYS and it’s workings. CHECK IT OUT HERE if you missed it.
My answer to the question is YES. A Nigerian can make money online doing online surveys though it all depends on the kind of money you want to make online.

Listen and listen good! People who make $10, $20, $50, $1,000, $100,000 and even $0.50 from the internet are all categorized as people who make money online.
If there is a reason to make money online from online survey as a Nigerian, there are countless other reasons why you can’t make money from it as a Nigerian.

Mind you, I never said that you can’t make money from the internet taking online surveys. Online surveys pay but the thing is that the HIGHLY PAYING ONLINE SURVEYS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO NIGERIANS. Chikena..  hence, if you take to online survey as a major source of online income, I am so sorry to tell you that you will be so much disappointed.

Surveys, online surveys inclusive in the contest of it just like I explained in the PART ONE (click here to get the part one)of this report has to do with DIRECT experience of the said product/service. Now tell me, as a Nigerian how do you have access to such products/services? Of course you know that as a Nigerian you don’t have access to such except for such ones which require global users which on the other hand may not be available when you want to take the survey.

Some may be of the opinion that you change you I.P address, get a foreign (U.S) address and the rest so as to appear as an American citizen or a foreign citizen. Good and fine how do you cash your little earnings in the long run if you earn any at all? Quite another big hurdle which does not in anyway worth it. Besides, getting all the above does not even guarantee you making money from online surveys.

I stand to tell you from experience that making money from online surveys take time and resources which you can never recoup in the long run.

Online surveys can’t pay your bills not to talk of your excesses. Considering your internet cost, time spent taking the surveys and other little expenses, online surveys should be the least online money making model besides, you should not ever think of it. Like Akpors will say, No Think am oo Bros..

Show me one Nigerian who has made reasonable amount of money online taking online surveys and I will show you 99 others who never made a single dime from it.

Finally, forget about the HYPE and NOISE attached to making money online from online surveys. I have seen it all and done it all. There is no money to be made from online surveys, if you like you can try and I bet you FRUSTRATION and DISAPPOINTMENT will be all you will earn. Inasmuch as there is enough and plenty of money to be made online even as a Nigerian forget about online surveys it just don’t and won’t favour you as a Nigerian because you won’t make any reasonable amount of money from it if at all you will make a dime from it. It’s just not worth your time.

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