Chat with your GTALK friends on 2Go mobile messenger (Activate GTALK Gateway on 2Go Mobile messenger)

2gomobile messenger came with such a big bang, frenzy and thrill any mobile messenger app has ever brought before that many people enjoyed to the fullest way back then though some are still enjoying it’s new and exciting features even at this very moment.

To some, 2go mobile messenger now belongs to the archive with the launch of whatsapp, BBM and the likes while to some 2go mobile messenger is still very much relevant in the scheme of things with regards to mobile messaging.

Personally, I use 2go mobile messenger just because of two exclusive features which are the FACEBOOK GATEWAY AND GTALK GATEWAY as they give me the chance to chat with my online Facebook friends and Gtalk friends on the same interface with nothing changed so long as they are online.

Basically, Gtalk is an online chat /messenger from Google through Gmail. That is, an application through which you can chat with your Gmail friends, Google+ (Plus) friends and (Google) Hangout friends all through a single Google account which can be easily gotten from

Gtalk ordinarily is a computer application though with advent of smart phones, the application has found itself in the mainstream of smart phone mobile messaging. However, 2go mobile messenger incorporates about 4 messengers into itself (Gtalk, Facebook, Mixt and 2go) which gives you the chance to chat with any of your online friends on these platforms all at the same time, that is, you don’t need to be switching between applications on your mobile device when you want to chat with various friends on different chat applications so long as they available and online at the moment you launch the 2go mobile messenger so long as you have activated the Gateway for each of them on your 2go mobile messenger.
We shall be exploring how to activate the Gtalk gateway on 2go mobile messenger. Check out How to activate facebook Chat/Gateway on 2go mobile messenger.

Firstly, you need to already to have a Google Account with added friends. Don’t already have a Google Account, NO WAHALA, just sign up for a Free at With that settled, you need to Login to your 2go account the usual way.

Scroll down to where you have SETTINGS and click on it.

Select/ click on GATEWAYS.

Choose Gtalk Gateway and Click on ACTIVATE.

Now a message appears on your screen “Before you can begin chatting with your GTALK FRIENDS. Please enter your GTALK USERNAME AND PASSWORD and then press *Submit”.

Just wait a lil bit, once the Gtalk username and password you provide is correctly verified you will get a message telling you that your GTALK gateway has been successfully activated.

Your Gtalk friends will now appear on your 2go chat screen. Now you have a No-Hold-Barred access you your Gtalk friends as you can chat with them on your 2go mobile messenger.

To add the Facebook Gateway to your 2go mobile messenger so that you can also chat with your online facebook friends on 2go check it out HERE How to activatefacebook Chat/Gateway on 2go mobile messenger.

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