MTN BIS Subscription Browsing On PC With Your Freedom

MTN BIS blackberry subscription can be used to browse on PC with the help of your freedom. Oh yes! You got it right. 

Your freedom may not be in category of your regular VPN which makes you wonder how possible it is that it works with MTN BIS subscription.

Relax as that is what I will be exposing to you right away.

First things first, subscribe for any of the MTN BBC (Blackberry complete) package either daily, weekly or monthly.

To subscribe TEXT;

BBCDAY to 21600 for Daily Blackberry Plan (#100)

BBCWEEK to 21600 for Daily Blackberry Plan (#500)

BBC to 21600 for Daily Blackberry Plan (#1,000)

Next, create a NEW PROFILE connection on your PC through your modem interface with as the Access Point Name (APN).

CLICK HERE to create a FREE User Your Freedom Account

Install the freedom software to your system.

Launch it and Configure it thus;

ADDRESS: or Click on the WIZARD button beside it to search for a working server.

PORT: 500



 Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION and enter the account details you created earlier or CLICK HERE to create a free freedom user account.

Click on PORTS, On the local services option only tick (socks 4/5, web proxy, relay for others & flatten traffic bursts)

Click on messages, Tick auto scroll and select minimum level: DEBUG

Click Ok

After the configuration click on save and exit.

Now connect your modem with that New profile connection( you created earlier.

Click on START CONNECTION on you freedom

What do you see? The freedom client opens and is working with your MTN BIS.

Configure your Browsers and Applications to use the proxy;



Tick use this proxy server for all protocols.

If you have so much used the various VPNs (pdproxy,sandwich vpn, TunnelGuru, Tweakware VPN) out there with your MTN BIS subscription, you will recognize that there is no need for Proxy configuration on Browsers and applications .To achieve the same with your freedom you need to install OPEN VPN on your system. DOWNLOAD OPEN VPN HERE

After installing the openvpn, open your freedom and carefully look for and 

Click on PORTS then Tick the following boxes; OpenVPN Port and Use UDP for OPENVPN

Now Start your connection. Once fully connected enjoy as there is now no need for proxy configuration.

If you need more in terms of Speed and general efficiency then you should consider upgrading to either the TOTAL or ENHANCED FREEDOM PACKAGE

Now relax and enjoy your MTN BIS subscription on PC with your freedom.

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