Glo Free Browsing With TunnelGuru

TunnelGuru has now come on board again as it has opened up the firewall of Glo for free browsing.That is, you get connected for FREE with #0.0K, No subscription whatsoever and No BIS whahala.

No much stories this time around just go through the  processes  below and you will find yourself rocking the internet for FREE with your Glo line with the one and only TunnelGURU

Get a Glo sim that has no money on it. #0.0k

Create an New Profile Connection on your modem with the Access Point Name (APN) glosecure


Download the New and latest version version of Tunnel Guru from even if you already have it before now, choose either the 32bit or 64bit depending on the Bit the system you want to install it runs on.

If this is the first time you are using TunnelGuru you should have Java Runtime installed on your system. Download Javaruntime from HERE and install it to your system

Extract the already downloaded Tunnelguru to another location on your system, desktop  preferably.

Locate the Tunnelguru folder where you  extracted  it to. Open the folder, Launch the TunnelGuru Application and configure it thus;

Web Host:   

Web Port: 80#443

UserName: Get it from

Password: Get it from

Proxy URL:

Proxy host:   OR use any of these;



(torrent allowed)

GERMAN (torrent allowed)

 Port = 80#443

Select Internet 7-M

Untick-  SSL

Untick- Buffered

Click on Start proxy.

A prompt comes up "Patch applied" Click OK 

Another Prompt comes up with the Error 5 message “ Error5: NoRoute to Host Exception: No route to host: connect No SSL connection using given port Only TG port-6053 will not work. You can Try again". 

Leave the message and connect your modem with the glosecure access point you created earlier.

Now Click OK on the Error 5 message that was earlier displayed.

On the successful connection of it another Prompt comes up this time with the message “Successful :HTTP Connection found – TG Ports 6051, 6054, 6055, 6056, 6052 are enabled Now. Except 6051 you can use other ports using proxifier and VPN als. Please check all ports which give better speed for you". Click OK.

Next, Click on the VPN TUNNEL side of your TunnelGuru and configure it as follows;

Server: Pull down the arrow down head and choose any server with TCP

Rport: Pull down the arrow down head and select 80

Lport: Leave it at 0

User: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (create a FREE user account Here)

Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (create a FREE user account Here)

Uncheck The Tunnel DNS Query

Protocol: Select TCP

Tick/Check the Use Proxy box and Type in

Click on START.

A prompt comes up with the message “ It is suggested not to use or locahost as Proxy Host. Better Enter Valid Interface IPV4 IP. In windows You can run IPCONFIG command to check it. Continue Anayway.
Click Ok.

Wait a little while and on a successful connection, your Tunnel Guru minimizes itself to your Taskbar with the notification “VPN SUCCESSFULLY CONNECTED NOW.

P.S; TunnelGuru gives you UNLIMITED browsing with your Glo connection but you need to pay for it. For just #700 or $3.5 of Perfectmoney or $4 of Paypal you get UNLIMITED tunnelGuru UNLIMITED browsing.

To Pay simply click on this LINK for the payment details.

Should you encounter and problems setting it up let me know at 08056370712

Enjoy Yourself............

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  1. Nice one
    thanks for the tutorial

  2. Is this really working? I tried this method and it seems not working! Is there some other things that should be done?