Glo Bounce New Glo Tariff Get 30 Free MB

Glo Mobile Nigeria is at it again this time with the launch of Glo Bounce. 

What exactly is Glo Bounce, I can hear you ask?

Glo Bounce is the latest Prepaid Tarrif plan from Glo,  available  to both and existing prepaid customers, which offers customers pocket friendly and enhanced rates where they enjoy calling other Glo Bounce customers alongside other  unparalleled  and  unequaled  benefits.

Let's now have a general overview of what Glo bounce customers stand to enjoy;

TARIFF A general Flat Call rate is applicable where the charges are;
12kb/secs to all mobile networks in Nigeria. That is both Glo to Glo and Glo to other Networks.

There is what is called the PEEPS RATE on GLO Bounce. The PEEPS RATE is the rate that a Glo Bounce subscriber is charged for call to another Glo Bounce subscriber and that is at a very huge discounted rate of 5kb/Secs and a SMS rate of #3.

On Glo Bounce some places/sites in Nigeria are marked as Campus Zones, as such whenever a Glo Bounce Subscriber is in that zone the calls made within that period to every other Glo Customer both those on Glo bounce and those not on Glo Bouce are charged  at 5KB/SECS. Though a Glo Bounce  subscriber needs to activate it  separately by Dialing *170*9# to enjoy the Campus Zone.

However, the 5KB/SECS campus zone rate is applicable only after the first Minute call of the day has been charged at 40KB/SECS.

On Glo Bounce you get the following SMS rates;

Glo to Glo #4 per sms.

Glo to Other Mobile Networks #4 per sms.

SMS to your GLO Bounce Peeps #3 per sms.

Glo to any International Number #10 per sms.

On the usage of #30 between 12:01AM and 23:59(11:59)PM each day,a Glo Bounce subscriber gets to enjoy FREE NIGHT calls from 12:00AM to 4:59AM on that day.

On the recharge of a single #200 or above a Glo Bounce subscriber gets FREE 30MB which is valid for the 7days from the day the recharge was made.It might also  interest you to know that you will get additional 30MB whenever you do a single recharge of #200 and above with an extension of more 7days validity.Even if you recharge with #200 or more more than once in a day you will always get 30MB cumulatively. 

Invariably, the more you recharge with #200 or more, the more 30MB you get.

Free access to browse on Facebook without any charge so long as you browse through

FREE RingBackTone
One month FREE Ring Back Tone on the Migration to Glo Bounce.

Free SMS is also  available for every charged SMS you send to any network. That is, for every SMS you send which is been charged you get a FREE SMS which can be used for SMS to any network in Nigeria.

Above all, Attracts no Rental Fee or Access charge

How can a GLO subscriber Migrate to Glo Bounce?

Simple, Just Dial *170*4# and when asked for confirmation Press 1.

On a successful migration you can then enjoy the numerous benefits that Glo Bounce has to offer.

Going by the benefits, do you think that GLo Bounce is Good Prepaid Package? Lt's know your Opinion. Use the comment box below.

For More Info visit GLOWORLD or Call Customer HelpDesk on 121 from any Glo Line.


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