Etisalat Free Browsing with X-T181 Portable Proxy

Etisalat Free Browsing with X-T181 Portable Proxy

Free browsing that works 100% free with nothing to do with account sign up or upgrade of account has long been hard to come by but at this very moment Etisalat users have every reason to rejoice as Etisalat connects for free, 100% with X-T181 Portable Proxy.

X-T181 Portable Proxy just as the name implies is a proxy client which makes use of HTTP Headers. It is not as robust as browsing through VPN as it makes use of proxies.

Anyway, lets forget story for market women and move staright to the matter for ground, How to Browse for Free with X-T181 Portable Proxy on Etisalat network.

Download X-T181 Portable Proxy HERE

Extract it to any suitable location on your system.

Connect your modem with any Etisalat sim that has no money or Data bundle subscription of any kind on it.

The X-T181 Portable Proxy is pre configured so you have nothing to configure on it.

Run the X-T181 Portable Proxy. It looks exactly like the image below.

Click on Dialup. Choose the Profile Name you connected your modem with and Click on Connect.

Next, Click on LISTEN.

Now set your browser, download manager and other appliactions to use this proxy;


PORT: 8881

Once the above has been correctly done, you are now ready for unlimited and unrestricted Free browsing on Etisalat Network.

However, there are things you need to bear in mind before using X-T181 Portable Proxy.

Use OPERA BROWSER  as it tends to open sites faster than other browsers.

X-T181 Portable Proxy is much efficient in downloading than browsing.

It works with Proxy settings and will not power all your system applications except you set those applications to use X-T181 Portable Proxy.

Your antivirus may see and attack it as a virus. In this case disable your antivirus whenever you want to use it.

P.S: Etisalat also works with FILTER PROXY and OPENVPN. This one opens all sites and powers all applications with no need for proxy settings. Check it out HERE

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  1. bro i am from bangladesh my mobile company open has and there ip : and port:8080
    so please give me a setting for this

  2. Try do to everything like you said, but it still doesnt work. Maybe its because I am not PC-friendly user, and I can use only simple application like Teracopy Portable...By the way its very nice app that always helps me, so is you want to use it, you can get it here on my favourite website about soft!