Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing With TunnelGuru

Airtel Unlimited free browsing has long been hard to come by but at this moment as I am hitting the keyboard of my system Airtel connects with TunnelGuru giving access to Unlimited Free browsing.

In this very instance you do not need any form of subscription on your Airtel SIM. It is simply #0.0K on the Airtel SIM, connect it with TunnelGuru and you are in for unrestricted Unlimited Browsing, Streaming and Downloading.

No much stories though let's move straight to the settings.

Configure your Access Point Name (APN) with any of the following Airtel APN;

Download Tunnelguru version 2.7.0 HERE
Please Re-Download version 2.7.0 if you have and OLD version downloaded before 7th June.

If this is the first time you are using TunnelGuru on your PC, Download and Install JAVA RUNTIME HERE 

Also Register for FREE tunnelguru user account HERE if this is the first time you are using Tunnelguru

Now configure the Tunnelguru Client as follows

Web Host:

Web Port: 80#443

Username: Tunnelguru Username

Password: Tunnelguru Password

Proxy URL:

Proxy Host: (You can interchange with any of the following) (Netherlands-1) (Supports Torrent) (Netherlands-2) (Supports Torrent) (Canada-1) (Canada-2) (USA-1) (USA-2) (UK-1) (UK-2)

Port: 80#443

Leave the Username and Password empty


Leave every other thing the way they were.

Click on START

Go to your Browsers and applications and configure it to use the following proxy


PORT: 6052

However, you may forget about Proxy settings on your browsers and applications and use either PROXIFIER or the VPN Tunnel side of TunnelGuru.

SERVER: Choose any Server that has ALL attached to it.Also make sure that the chosen Server corresponds with the Server I.P used on the HTTP Tunnel side.

Example, if you use (UK-1) on the Proxy Host option on the HTTP Tunnel side, you need to also choose any UK Server with ALL on the VPN Tunnel side.



USER: Tunnelguru Username

Password: Tunnelguru Password

Uncheck Tunnel DNS Query

Protocol: TCP

Tick Use Proxy and Enter;

Click on START

In most cases the VPN Tunnel connection may not be stable and disconnects at small intervals, if you experience such then you should do any of the following;

Change the Server I.P you have on the Proxy Host option on the HTTP Tunnel side and then choose the corresponding Server location on the VPN Tunnel side.

Configure your browsers and applications to use this Proxy HTTP PROXY: PORT: 6052 Configuring Internet Explorer Browser to use the proxy and ( 6052)above will save you the stress of configuring individual browsers and applications as they will automatically connect once the internet explorer proxy is set correctly.

Use PROXIFIER when you set your proxifier correctly there is no need for proxy settings on any browser or application even internet explorer. DOWNLOAD and SETTINGS OF PROXIFIER WITH TUNNELGURU

Tunnelguru HTTP Tunnel connection requires the updating of TG NO before it can work effectively. UPDATE TG NO HERE

If the settings above fails to work for you Click HERE for a more stable VPN SETTINGS

Airtel with TunnelGuru sure gives you UNLIMITED browsing, streaming and downloading but before you enjoy that you need to UPGRADE your FREE TunnelGuru user account to PREMIUM. To UPGRADE your TunnelGuru Account to PREMIUM Click HERE or Visit

On the successful completion of the above, you are now good to go enjoying endless unrestricted UNLIMITED Browsing, Downloading and Streaming on Airtel newtork with TunnelGuru.

Enjoy while it lasts....

For more info, support, suggestion and BULK PREMIUM UPGRADE VOUCHERS CALL or WHATSAPP 08056370712

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  1. is this airtel trick still working to this present day? I want to try it

  2. It has stopped working. However, you make do with what is available here MTN BIS WITH TUNNELGURU